Local Mosques


Thursday 12 March, 2015 by Uncle Spike

We have some 83,000 mosques dotted around our country. Some are huge, such as the massive Kocatepe Mosque in central Ankara…




Or the renowned skyline dominating Sultan Ahmet Mosque, often known as the Blue Mosque on the European side of Istanbul…




Then there are those out here in the rural areas; each with a character of their own….






8 thoughts on “Local Mosques

  1. […] my recent post introducing some of our rural mosques, I thought of some more you might be interested in, and even perhaps a little surprised […]


  2. dayphoto says:

    Your post is lovely! The mosques are amazing, they give inspiration for the beauty of worship!

    Linda ★★


  3. Nurul Lubis says:

    Its minarets make mosque in Turkey look so special. Blue Mosque looks the same to Selimiye Mosque in Edirne. I heard that it was designed by the same architect, Mimar Sinan. I just found one mosque without minaret in Selcuk. I forgot the name of the mosque. That mosque has rectangular shape, and more look like roman ruins building. I didn’t found this shape at the other part of Turkey.

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    • Uncle Spike says:

      Yes, Sinan was the architect of both. I’ve not been to the one in Edirne, but my wife has; and it’s an impressive place all right. On the west coast there are some square type mosques I’ve found, and as minarets are expensive, sometimes they are added later on, or not at all.


  4. I have got to go to Istanbul and see that Mosque. In Turkey do they allow non Muslims to enter? In Morocco it was a very strict no!


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Yes, most do, except during Ramadan or prayer times. However, if one is appropriately dressed and asks the imam, anything is possible. One of my visitors even sat at the back of our mosque during Friday prayers. Rightfully though, prayer is a private thing, so yes, many mosques won’t allow tourists to line up just to gawk. Better still, go see the local Müftü, the administrative head cleric for the area, as they will often make arrangements for those interested.


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