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Well, I guess you are wondering what this blog is all about…?

Put simply, it’s a collection of words and pictures from my life, past and present. 

UNCLE SPIKE – Just a page of blurb about me.

BLOG GUIDE – Err… you’re already here on this page 🙂


Opinion – bits on all sorts of subjects that make me tick
Daft Spike – I’m not as ‘growed-up’ as my numbers would suggest
Philosophy – thoughts from the ‘inner Spike’
Tunes I Love – music that has been my guiding light over the years


Trophies – posts I’ve written about my blog
About Blogging – thoughts and comments about blogging
Reblogs – occasional posts from other blogs that are right up my street


Guest Writing – my occasional adventures into writing on other blogs.
True Tales
 – true stories to read with a mug of cocoa
Non Humans – mostly on pooches and chooks
Spike Jnr – our bilingual smartarse lovable nerd
Daily Life – stuff as it happens

For a while I had fellow bloggers pop along to share their world as a guest blogger. Although not a regular feature, if you fancy being on Uncle Spike’s Adventures, email me at

BLOGGERS UNITE FOR PEACE  (#BloggersUniteForPeace)
We live in a time when little can be taken for granted in terms of our peace and security. Here in Türkiye, we are constantly reminded of that fact, with hostile forces forever closer to our borders, as well as within.

These posts are either of my own volition, or a collective effort by normal, everyday hard-working bloggers who just want peace in the world. We hail from across the continents, speak different languages, of varying ages, professions, and religious and cultural backgrounds.

Posts related to my travel adventures over 35 years. I have seen many places in this world, either as an aimlessly wandering globetrotter, or just doing the ‘holiday’ thing for 1-2 months a year. 

I enjoy photography – although very much as an amateur hobbyist. For almost three years, I entered images for the WordPress photo challengesWordless Wednesday, Macro Monday, Flower Friday and other similar ventures.  

These are posts related to my escapades as a farmerbuildergardener, and home kitchen chef. Over the years my life in rural Türkiye has provided me with a collection of mildly noteworthy calamities and triumphs.

AWARDS – my views on why I prefer to be an ‘Award Free’ blogger.

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All posts have ‘comments’ open as like you, I always love to hear from readers and followers alike. However, as the comments are of course ‘public’, if you prefer, I’m contactable via email at

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You can follow this blog on WordPress of course, or by adding your email address to the right of any page.

My posts are also on Twitter too @unclespikes

And I am also playing around with Pinterest.

Or you can follow on Facebook with the Uncle Spike’s Adventures page. 


Thanks for popping by.


154 thoughts on “Blog Guide

  1. […] I was visiting Uncle Spike’s blog and found his “Tunes I Love” series. The thought dawned… why not a Tuesday […]


  2. AnnaJ says:

    Nice to meet you Uncle Spike 🙂 Your blog name got me here …and now following you! 😀


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Darned SPAM folder grrrrr…. so sorry I missed your message Miss Anna! Yes, I go by the name of Uncle Spike, and whilst my blog is not very active this year compared to the past, due to work commitments, you are very much welcomed aboard. Regards for now, Spike.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. chattykerry says:

    I love your great blog – very nicely laid out with fab photos. Thank you for liking My Irish Family Secret on Ed Mooney’s blog. Just about to travel soon but might ask you about guest blogging some time.


  4. Thanks for the like on my blog … I like the way you presented you blog .


  5. Mother Hen says:

    Hello! I am bummed out because as I was scanning my spam, I saw a comment from you and I thought I was moving it to my regular comments are and whoosh off it went and I can’t find it now. So, I want to thank you for it even though I didn’t get the opportunity to read it…


  6. Sara says:

    Hi there! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award because 1) you’re very inspiring and 2) I’m paying forward an award that has been bestowed unto me. If you’d like to pass on the award please feel free, but I give it to you expecting nothing on your part. Put it on your sidebar if you’d like, and shine on. You’ve inspired me.


  7. Hi Uncle Spike, thanks for stopping by the the wine dispenser..wish I could have one here, but the peninsula of Florida just doesn’t work that way…
    My lemon tree go toasted as well..


  8. thenerdycanuck says:

    Really enjoyed your blog and checking out all the photos, very creative~ Please visit my photography blog whenever you get a chance~ Love getting feedback from other photographers. I’m on Pinterest as well and hope it is alright to share your work. Let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Uncle Spike says:

      I’ll stick your blog on my list ‘to review’ then 🙂

      Sharing on whatever platform or reblogging is a compliment in my mind. As long as we attribute work accordingly, I’m all in favour of that, no worries.

      How did you stumble across my patch by the way?


  9. Mei-Mei says:

    Hi, Spike! I know you don’t do awards, but I wanted to let you know I’ve mentioned you in my Very Inspiring Bloggers list:
    You were my inspiration for starting the Weekly Photo Challenges, so thank you! I love your blog, always learning something new here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Uncle Spike says:

      Haha… should have read my msgs before checking out the blogs I follow (as I just saw and responded to your awards post) 🙂

      Glad to hear you were ‘inspired’, although to be fair, those posts are just a bit of weekly fun, although some of the recent ones have got me head-scratching for a while!

      Thanks again…

      Liked by 1 person

  10. irinadim says:

    Very interesting and amusing description of your blog, Uncle Spike. I’m especially impressed with Granny Spike! I guess I’ll have to follow your blog. Cheers 🙂 Irina


  11. vlandaman says:

    Hello! You have the excellent blog. It is a lot of interesting information! I enjoy it! I see, you the confident person! 😎

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Thanks for the Like, Uncle Spike! I was interested to read about your life in Turkey as my parents lived in Istanbul for a time. I think your life must be very different from theirs.


  13. I’m flattered 🙂

    Thank you for your proposition! As I’m still new in blogging I need to wonder how I could do that (what to write, what to say…) but it’s very kind of you!
    You make me think that I should also add a category on my blog for invited bloggers so as you could write something in return on my blog!
    I just need to figure how I can do that and I will tell you!

    Thanks to you again!



  14. Hi Uncle Spike!
    Thank your your kind word on my about page! I’m really happy having discovered your beautiful blog!
    This one is really impressive! You’re a very productive blogger with so many interesting posts!
    I think I need time to take the measure of all you do!
    I’m not really in my ease when it comes in english, and I’m struggling a lot to have my blog in this language! So, I don’t really know the words in english to say how much your blog is good!
    But anyway, I’ll be back soon to keep posted with your news and photos!




  15. restlessjo says:

    Oh heck! Now I really don’t know where to start! 🙂 Like Lynn I pitched up on here via lovely Sue but I’ve been before. Just wish, wish, wish I had more time, and then I could sample the Turkish coffee. Sending best wishes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Lynn says:

    Found your blog through Sue Slaght. I look forward to reading more about your adventures!


  17. redstuffdan says:

    Hi Spike

    Thought l would drop you a line as l saw your comments on another blog where you are asking about free photo editing software. I use Photoscape, it’s free and very, very versatile – give it a try.




  18. Angela Dowin says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m looking forward to reading about all of your many adventures! 🙂


  19. Hi, thanks for being across my blog! Look forward to being across yours too!


  20. vannillarock says:

    thank you for the follow on my food blog, though i think i caused confusion by commenting on your photo challenge desert by my comment defaulting to my food blog. you have very kindly followed my photography travel blog @vannilla for a while now.


  21. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m curious to know which part of Turkey you are living in as we’ve spent the last 6 years on and off on the Bodrum peninsula and will shortly be heading off to the TRNC. I’m off to explore more of your blog now. Iyi yolculuklar!


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