Over the years, Uncle Spike’s Adventures has been nominated for one of the ‘blogging awards’ we’ve all seen floating about and that adorn the home pages of some blogs. Obviously I’ve been very chuffed indeed, who wouldn’t be.

However initially I was torn as to what to do, and took the opportunity to sit back and consider or ponder a bit on how to proceed: accept or graciously decline.

I had to ask myself if I really deserved it first of all, and more importantly, I then asked myself why I actually do what I do (blog that is, not farming etc).

Like most bloggers, I don’t do this for money, fame, or to feather my bed with adoring fans; far from it. I really enjoy sharing my world through photography and writing; just as a way of giving something back to the community if nothing else…

We all love to be appreciated, but like many others, I have decided to opt out from receiving blogging awards; and here’s why:

I feel a tad awkward accepting accolades and then to join in the game of forwarding nominations on to to other bloggers – many of whom are more experienced and better at this than I. And so…


To anyone considering nominating Uncle Spike, I would like to say:

“I’m really honoured, but I’d prefer just to accept your silent praise.” 


To those who look at my posts:

“After having a look at my blog; I hope you liked what you saw. If you didn’t, please tell me so I can improve.”


To those who follow the blog:

“Thank you. I thoroughly appreciate your support, and knowing that you actually ‘want’ to see my posts pop up in your Reader every day is reward in itself.” 


More than anything, I love to get feedback. so if you would like to critique any of my posts, or the blog in general, please feel free to add a comment below, or email me direct at

Keep on blogging



(Based on the original post entitled ‘AWARDS’)

16 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Thanks for putting it in writing; Flattered as I may be, I’d prefer more individual exchanges than an award totem on my site. It’s a delicate line; you hate to offend anyone, then again it’s critical to remain true to oneself without any peer pressure. Besides, I think awards tend to compete with content which kind of defeats the reason we write, right?! 😉


  2. Britta says:

    I really appreciate your perspective. I, myself, have never been nominated for a blogging award; in the event that I ever am, though, I just don’t think I’d be comfortable accepting one. That’s just not why I write.


  3. Good point on this topic. I’ve been wavering on this concept for a while now. I was accepting them in the beginning as I felt it was good publicity and helped develop a community amongst travel bloggers (it worked for me well). At this stage however, if I’ve already accepted the award previously and someone new nominates me for the same award I graciously thank them, but no longer am accepting that award and forwarding it on. I need to make a decision, like you, whether or not I will be accepting new awards that I haven’t received in the future. I think guest posting is a way more viable way to connect with others and publicize each other. Thoughts?


  4. Fraukje says:

    Oops, I’ve just nominated you for a Liebster Award ( but now I read this 😀 So, in that case I just tell you: Uncle Spike, your blog is cool!


  5. mvschulze says:

    I was made aware of WordPress about 13 months ago, and, after tepidly playing, found the experience to be most rewarding, personally, as an outlet. For What? I wasn’t sure at first, but it naturally seemed to evolve as a remarkable venue for sharing what previously was pretty much locked up within, un-seen, un-heard, un-known to any except myself, except maybe my dog. But, as so well expressed by yourself, and thoroughly enjoyed by me and like followers of Uncle Spike, we share in this unique passion of feeling satisfaction in our lives, or thoughts, our observations, musings and the ability to utilize and grow our photographic abilities within the global Internet community. Perusing your blog and many others, has likewise opened up a genuine viewpoint of others around the world.
    Thanks for your most interesting and compelling contributions. M


    • Uncle Spike says:

      For a start, thanks, that’s a great comment to land on my blog 🙂 True, there is a lot of trash out there, but I was, and continue to be, quite in awe of the quality of blogging here on WordPress – and it’s not all youngsters either!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ninna says:

    So well spoken! I totally agree with you. And getting likes, comments and followers are really awarding!


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