Even Youngling’s Have To Save Up


Tuesday 29 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

After months of negotiation, today this Youngling (or Padawan to be), finally got his paws on a new Light Sabre.

Since the beginning of the year on a visit to a large toy store in Ankara, our Capitol, Cousin Spike Jnr, our resident Junior Jedi has been banging on about wanting his very own Light Sabre, you know, the real deal upgrade to his cheap plastic one with which he chases the chickens (aka The Sith) around the yard.


At the cost of 100 Turkish Lira (US$ 50), we are talking a full day’s salary for a professional person here in Turkey, so sorry kiddo, we made it clear a long time ago that a ‘gift’ of that price was just not gonna happen.

To be fair, little man accepted this fairly calmly. He knows his mom n dad work hard and with mom working away an awful lot as a Turkish state employee in Higher Education, I think it dawned on him that to push for this present would result in mom just being away even more, ergo, he backed off.

However, not content to stay a Youngling for ever, this young aspiring Jedi has forced his own move up to Padawan. He started saving whatever money he could lay his hands on, be it cash found under the sofa, coins left unwittingly behind in the car, donations from the Tooth Fairy or presents from family or friends, he started to increase his financial standing.


In the summer, a visitor from Scotland, Auntie Estelle, gave him some money to take on his holiday for an ice-cream or 3… nope, he hid that away too; well, in the safe care of mom. Then, when we recently celebrated Kurban Bayram (Eid Al Adha), the traditional small monetary gifts for kiddies from parents/grandparents was the final act he needed – wrap them all together in one pot, and young Skywalker was ready. Ready to buy his very own Light Sabre.

He had saved up all year, done his chores on a mostly regular basis, gone without some other things his mates at school have, but without a whinge, he handed over his cash hoard to mom to make the necessary purchase. Now due to the pressures of homework (1-2 hours a night, even at weekends) this 5.5 year old geek in his short trousers and sandals with socks understood that such a weapon would take a full 5 days to be delivered (yes, he fell for that – at first). When it came to driving back home to our village after collecting him from the school bus at a little after 5pm on Friday (his school is 25km away), I tested out the water as to see if the ‘delivery’ might actually be in the morning (Saturday) after his homework was mostly out of the way (explaining I wasn’t sure when the cargo guy would come). To which he promptly replied….

“Daddy, I know my Light Sabre is coming tonight.
I’m almost a Padawan now, so I can feel it with the force.
Don’t worry, we won’t have to wait till tomorrow”

How was I supposed to argue; “This Youngling; strong Jedi logic he has”, as Grand Master Yoda would say. So, after his week at school was over, homework completed, he finally wrapped his small hands determinately around the grip of his Luke Skywalker Light Sabre and pressed the ‘on’ button.

It glowed bright green, all the sounds were genuine enough too – so a happy little Cousin Spike Jnr. And a happy Uncle & Aunty Spike too. Now you often hear parents say “Oh they grow up so quick, don’t they?”. Well now we can agree on that front. Our baby, with his ‘oh so very special’ Chewbacca birthmark, has finally become a Padawan, his days as a Youngling are behind him.

All he needs now is for Uncle Ian to show up next summer with perhaps his own Light Sabre, then the real training of this young Padawan can begin in earnest 🙂



9 thoughts on “Even Youngling’s Have To Save Up

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  2. xbox2121 says:

    This young boy is very resourceful and quiet determined to get what He wanted. 50 dollars is a lot of money for me !


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Us to, that’s why he didn’t just ‘get it’ a the start. He’s actually enjoyed counting his loot as the stash grew too. We throw all our income into living far away from work to give him (and us) a better life.


  3. raiz1972 says:

    I will have to bring my light sabre and we can train together , we will use the force and together we will become strong 🙂


  4. ballerina95 says:

    So sweet. Quite rare for a child to be as patient and disciplined as your padawan. He will be a great jedi.


  5. edgar62 says:

    Hmmmmm. The Force- strong in him it is!


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