Citrus fruit update


Thursday 18 December, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Most of the fruit is now being harvested, dodging in-between storms. Clementines are our primary crop, and sweet and juicy this year, albeit quite a limited yield compared to previous years




These 40 year old trees are well-established and healthy. Not massively loaded with fruit this season, but they seem to have no problems.




Whilst on the other hand, others seem to have suffered badly this year. The tell-tale yellowing and upward-pointing of the leaves points to a zinc imbalance in the soil.

I prefer to use ‘goat poo’ as a fertiliser, but it is very very expensive and so I think I’ll have to resort to ammonium sulphate, and triple mix Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash plus Sulphur, then add some zinc this springtime.

It should have been a ‘no fertiliser year’ this time around (goat poo is applied every other year), but looks like 50% of my profits for this year will be swallowed up by this, but such is life; needs must as they say… Around 40 trees were like these, carrying less than 5kg (11 lbs) of fruit, down 95% on their potential.




And on others, just one patch of fruit




On the other hand, the oranges are fine this season – albeit a lower yield than general – but they are a much hardier fruit and are doing well this year.




Lemons by comparison have been plentiful this season. This is the view from our kitchen window – don’t have to run far to grab some !




10 thoughts on “Citrus fruit update

  1. […] As posted a while ago, the citrus trees have had a tough year, with a long hot dry summer that went on longer than usual through autumn, relentless rain over late autumn and early winter, and then freezing temperatures far lower and more prolonged than we’d normally see here…. […]


  2. tinapumfrey says:

    Sorry to hear that the trees are having trouble, and that you’re going to have to eat up your profits treating the problem. One thing I know about farmers, though, at least in my experience, is that “next year will always be better!” My dad has been farming for 50 years and always has that outlook, no matter how grim things might get. And it’s a good thing that optimism persists, because we need you! I for one am not able to put in the time and work required to grow all of my family’s food! Beautiful trees in your photos, too. All that fruit looks wonderful.


  3. You live in citrus heaven.

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  4. Sue Slaght says:

    That lemon tree is unbelievable! How fabulous to be able to grow your own fruit although i can appreciate it is a lot of work and energy.
    On another note congratulations on reaching 2000 followers. I recall from an earlier post you hoped to do so by spring. Well spring has come early. 🙂

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  5. M.Winter says:

    Oh no! Shortage of clementines! I love them! Waaaa

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