Guest post: “How I Met My Mother” – by Frederika


Sunday 09 February, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Now you know how Uncle Spike likes to vary these guest posts; with each guest blogger being quite unique… well, this week is no exception. And so, Uncle Spike would like to say a special “woof woof” to this week’s special Guest Writer, Frederika



“How I Met My Mother!”

Well I have to tell you about my mom; she was brought up as an Army brat. I guess that means her dad was in the Army. She went to 10 different schools and she knows firsthand what bullying means. She had trouble in school: reading was the worst of it and math she kept mixing things up but she made it through any ways. Come to find out she is dyslexic, she blogs because it helps with this problem. She owned a nail salon and a cleaning business.

Before I met her and actually before I was born, she was trained as a Christian care minister. All that means is she visits sick people, elderly, shut-ins things like that. There was a time when she said she could not do it anymore. She loved the people she visited and when they would go away it was like losing family.

Well I will fast forward to the part she wanted another dog. She tried taking Ol Cissy with her on visits: she was going to train Cissy to have my job. I am glad Cissy flunked the first visit. I guess she was nervous and cranky. She told dad she would like to adopt a dog. Preferably a Lab because there are ponds to swim in and they are calm dogs. Well she did not get a Lab, she got me. Funny thing is the Vet said I was a Whippet. I kept growing and growing, and now they think I am a greyhound/boxer mix. Wow was that vet way off, I eat like a horse! I know I am not a horse because I bark, horses do not bark.


fred hates being away from mom



So mom adopted me and trained me partly to help me get along with other dogs and partly to be a therapy dog. It makes it easier to visit because as it turns out, the visit is all about ME! So mom does not get so attached to her elder while visiting; that does not mean she does not love them, it’s just easier.


fred black andwhite



Mom wants to teach me agility; she says it will keep me out of trouble because I will not get so bored. She says I am smart and to keep smart dogs busy is the best way to keep them out of trouble.





I love to jump; I really love to jump. This is a picture of me jumping – a lady took it and did a story about me in the local paper. If I keep this up I will be famous. I would love to be just me, but famous is ok too because people in town are starting to know my name and I get all kinds of attention. Did you know that Greyhounds are leaners? They lean their whole bodies against a person to get a hug; I figure why not they can rub my whole body that way it feels good.


fred in leaves



I go with my mom to 2 places; one place is called an assisted living; she reads to people while I get hugs and chew on a bone. Then we go to a convalescent facility, that is where people need a lot of hugs. One man laughs and calls my name as soon as I walk in the door. I am a big hit there. Mom says it is better to be trained instead of just someone coming in with their dog; I am insured and I know that I should not take treats from strangers because some strangers do not know there are some things I am not allowed to eat. I could get real sick. I like my job and always get excited about going; all the attention I get is great!

So that is how I met my mother. 😀

woofed by: Frederika




My name was Nanny that is the name the shelter gave me. I was dropped off into a parking lot of a local grocery store with my sister. Then a man picked us up and took us to the shelter. They call it a Humane Society. That is where they gave me a name “Nanny” I spent 1/4 my life there. I am 18 months old. I have been living with my new mom since May 2013. She thought the name Nanny was not special enough. I am a girl dog called Fredrieka they call me Fred. Like a boy named Sue. A conversation starter as my mom says. 


Dunno if I should say “thanks” or just “bark, bark, woof, woof” to Frederika. She’s certainly been the youngest guest writer to date. Just who will be next.? Anyway, you can read all about Frederika’s adventures on her blog, ‘Love Your Dog‘.


14 thoughts on “Guest post: “How I Met My Mother” – by Frederika

  1. fredrieka says:

    Reblogged this on Love your dog and commented:
    Uncle Spike invited me over for a visit


  2. cjjustice1 says:

    Very creative! Love Fredrieka’s story!


  3. Love this unique guest. Some great books for kids and adults alike have been written from a dog or animal’s point of view. Thanks, Fredrieka and Uncle Spikes.


  4. fredrieka says:

    thank you Uncle Spike for having me over


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