Market Day


Friday 13 December, 2013 by Uncle Spike

Market day… It’s the day when our local town, like all Turkish towns, bursts into life. It’s a busy day. Like a population explosion, the sheer number of bodies increases by a factor of 3-4, as folk from all the outlying villages head into town to buy and/or sell produce for the table.



I must admit I rarely venture down there, as we grow much of what we need. So for me, I know it as the day when the village falls silent. No tractors, no chainsaws. Just me and the peace and quiet, and the dogs, and the chickens, and the cows etc etc. Not that they are all ours mind you; but the village residents are always vocalising to some extent.

It’s also the day when you don’t use your old car or motorbike anywhere near town as even the Police tend to wake up, set up a roadblock or two and get a week’s worth of figures in just a few hours with such a captive audience.




16 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. A man after my own heart, who likes peace and quiet and avoids crowds. I either buy my food on-line and have it delivered to the house, or dig it up from the allotment. Fruit and vegetables taste so much better eaten on the day they’re harvested, so I always prefer these to the bought kind.


  2. Oh I MISS our weekly market 😦 God I’ve been away so long – those darned immigration officials!


  3. ssgt leslie says:

    happy gardening. some of us are not so successful in that department. enjoy the peace and quiet. take care.


  4. I love local markets…I try to time my visit of new places with market days (not always feasible but at least I look it up) so I can soak the atmosphere of a busy market and it is always such a great way to get to know how people live. (Suzanne)


  5. fredrieka says:

    We moved from the city to out in the middle of no where but not to far from somewhere. Now when we venture into the city I simply can not wait to get home to the quite.
    I love the scarves the ladies are wearing. My heritage is Polish their scarves remind me of babushkas’


  6. Police opportunists – the same everywhere!


  7. VisitSiena says:

    like local markets so much 🙂 the best of the city 🙂


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