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  1. Basmane Station


    Thursday 17 December, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    This is the Basmane (pronounced: Bas-Mah-Nay) train station or terminal, located in the city of İzmir, on the western shores …
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  2. Depth of field


    Tuesday 01 December, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    In my trying to get a bit more adventurous with Mr Camera here, I’m having a go at some different stuff this autumn, …
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  3. Birds on a Wire


    Tuesday 10 November, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    In trying to play around a bit more with photography, the nearest I have to a hobby away from daily …
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  4. Indian Trains – Sleepies and Scoffing


    Sunday 24 November, 2013 by Uncle Spike

    In the first post Indian Trains –Timetables & Travellers, we came across the timetables, the tickets, the noise, the people …
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  5. Indian Trains –Timetables & Travellers


    Saturday 16 November, 2013 by Uncle Spike

    There is something about the railways that is an absolute must when travelling in India. Criss-crossing almost the entire sub-continent, …
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