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  1. Lemons, just a few


    Thursday 07 January, 2016 by Uncle Spike

    Following the disaster of last January, when our big freeze wiped out all the lemons, killing one decent sized fruit-producing …
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  2. Lemon tree is still alive, just…


    Tuesday 11 August, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    Remember this lemon tree that was almost wiped out during our much colder than normal winter? Well, this is what happened a few …
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  3. Lemon recovery – the senior trees


    Thursday 14 May, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    After the recovery success of the ‘little’ lemon tree, we’ve had to wait to see how the larger trees ended …
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  4. Lemon recovery – result


    Sunday 26 April, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    In the ongoing saga of the lemon trees versus the unexpected and rare cold snap this past winter, we have seen mixed results. …
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  5. New life: Lemon trees


    Tuesday 07 April, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    Time is marching on, and as we move well into spring in southwest Türkiye, the orchard is starting to show …
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  6. Lemon recovery


    Wednesday 11 March, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    Although two of the lemon trees look pretty much ‘gone’, and the largest is still in panic shut-down mode, we …
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  7. Flower Friday – Lemon Tree


    Friday 20 February, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    With a normally quite short and mild winter, some of our fruit trees get a bit confused, with new flowers …
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  8. Iced Lemons?


    Thursday 29 January, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    Icy weather plays havoc with fruit farming, but the worst affected tend to be lemons I have found. Their internal …
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  9. Handful of Autumn Fruit #1


    Thursday 02 October, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    Late September, early October, and the winter fruit season is marching ever closer, whilst some other summer fruits are still …
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  10. New Season = New Life


    Thursday 13 March, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    The new season is heralded by so many ‘new’ things around the farm. Everywhere you look the trees are either …
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