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  1. ‘Hangry’ Piggy


    Wednesday 16 September, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    Not added anything completely stoopid for a while, so about time I changed that, don’t ya think? I saw this …
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  2. REBLOG: Thailand Space Program


    Thursday 05 March, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    Originally posted on James' Funnies:
    RECEIVED THIS LINK IN AN EMAIL FROM A FRIEND Click link below picture . I thought…

  3. SPIKE WRITES: What makes a camel happy?


    Saturday 25 October, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    Originally posted on New Bloggy Cat [NBC]:
    Sit back and enjoy this hilarious story written by one of my favourite bloggers ٩(˘◡˘)۶ “A…

  4. ABBA: Our Last Video Ever


    Saturday 18 October, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    Today’s offering from “Tunes I Love” is a treat for any ABBA fans/ groupies/ followers/ loonies-like-me…. Below you’ll find a …
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  5. Skydiving & Piggies


    Friday 17 October, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    What do skydiving and piggies got in common??? Well, I spotted something on BookFace this week that Uncle Spike thought worthy of …
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  6. Need a Good Laugh Today?


    Sunday 28 September, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    If you are in need of a simple laugh, a bit of a giggle, or just a quiet smile, then …
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  7. Dogs bully cats… yeah right!


    Sunday 21 September, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    When you are a kid, you learn that dogs chase cats – just part and parcel of a dogs duty …
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  8. Bubble Wrap Is FUN..!


    Sunday 31 August, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    You know when you buy something online, it often comes wrapped up in that plastic film of bubbles, known affectionately …
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  9. Remembering Robin Williams


    Tuesday 12 August, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    In memory of the great man himself, take 3 minutes out today to watch him at his best; improvising after …
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  10. America…


    Thursday 03 July, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    To all my American family, friends and bloggers alike… AMERICA Where kilometers are 0.6 miles long; Where there are pounds …
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  11. It’s My Place, NOT Yours!


    Thursday 26 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

  12. REBLOG: Supermarket Smartaleck


    Friday 20 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    Originally posted on James' Funnies:
    Yesterday I was at my local grocery buying a large bag of Purina Dog Chow for…

  13. Take Note of Your Diet


    Thursday 19 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    A healthy diet could save your life, true? On the other hand, not all foods are good for your health….

  14. Brand Names Don’t Always Travel


    Friday 06 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    Every country has its own brand names, and some are used internationally too. But ever so often, one has to …
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  15. Silly Animal Videos ~ Yay or Nay?


    Tuesday 29 April, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    You known what it’s like, your Facebook timeline is frequently peppered by silly animal videos. Surely it’s not just mine; …
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  16. It’s Gotta Be Friday !


    Friday 18 April, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    . For all animal lovers… For all bikers… For all those needing a laugh… . WATCH THIS AND SMILE .

  17. Office Humour: This Takes Me Back…


    Thursday 10 April, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    Over the years I have had the fortune or misfortune to work in a number of professions, trades, jobs; call …
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  18. Smile, It’s Friday


    Friday 28 February, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    Hey you, yes you! It’s Frrrriiday!! Here’s a vid to brighten your weekend. It’s a mashup from Jesse Reinier Nieuwenhuijzen who brilliantly has added The …
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  19. Giggle Time: “Don’t Let Me Down”


    Sunday 19 January, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    We all try to be cool moms and dads Some people are better at it that others Check out this …
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  20. Jingle Bells, Punjabi Style


    Tuesday 24 December, 2013 by Uncle Spike

    One third of the planet are gonna celebrate Christmas tomorrow. Ok, so we may be in the two-thirds that don’t…. …
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  21. When NOT to spray a Volvo!


    Saturday 21 December, 2013 by Uncle Spike

    This is the Volvo 245DL, one of those boxy 2100cc station wagons produced by the safety loving Swedes from 1974-1993. …
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  22. Reblog: James’ Funnies


    Wednesday 06 November, 2013 by Uncle Spike

    Like most humanoids, Uncle Spike relishes the odd giggle moment or two during a humdrum week. My latest supplier of …
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