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  1. Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape (II)


    Saturday 02 April, 2016 by Uncle Spike

    This week’s second Weekly Photo Challenge is another from here in Türkiye, taken in rural Konya, in central Anatolia. Hope you …
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  2. Salt….

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    Wednesday 22 July, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    Central Anatolian salt flats  . At the processing factory there are piles of raw salt. .

  3. Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol (III)


    Sunday 12 July, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    This week’s third entry from me for the Weekly Photo Challenge is the symbol for a crossroad. A simple, yet immediately known symbol …
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  4. Anatolian Road Trip Scenery


    Sunday 31 May, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    A last minute family event the other week saw me take another road trip to Ankara, the capital city of …
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  5. Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate (IV)


    Monday 04 May, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    This week’s fourth and probably final entry from me for the Weekly Photo Challenge was taken in the Karatay Madrasa, …
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  6. Rural Anatolian life


    Sunday 05 April, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    On travels within my wife’s paternal homeland province of Konya, we came across many, what you might call ‘salt of the …
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  7. Images of rural Konya


    Saturday 04 April, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    Konya is a large province in the heartland of Türkiye, and the homeland to my father-in-law and his clan. It’s …
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  8. Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange (IV)


    Monday 09 March, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    This week’s fourth and probably final entry from me for the Weekly Photo Challenge is the sarcophagus of Mevlana (Jalal ad-Dīn Muhammad Rumi) …
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  9. More views of Hattusa


    Saturday 03 January, 2015 by Uncle Spike

    In continuance of the recent post on Hattusa, the UNESCO World Heritage site in Central Anatolia, here in Türkiye, here are …
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  10. Views of Hattusa


    Saturday 27 December, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    I’m no historian, and regulars of this blog will no doubt agree with me on that point, but I do enjoy …
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  11. Kapadokya – Landscapes 2


    Thursday 23 October, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    Back to Kapadokya, or Cappadocia…. and a few more images that help cast my memory back to the last time we …
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  12. Kapadokya – Landscapes 1


    Sunday 19 October, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    Continuing to dig through my bucket of travels around and about, I spotted a few from Turkey that I thought you …
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  13. Central Anatolia


    Wednesday 15 October, 2014 by Uncle Spike

    A few years ago we had the good fortune to be able to take a decent road-trip around some of …
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