Pastures New…


Saturday 14 May, 2016 by Uncle Spike

I set out three years ago knowing diddly-squat about blogging, or even what a blog to be honest (seriously), and now I find myself at a crossroads where a new direction has beckoned.

As with many bloggers, apart from the seasoned and the professional, these chapters in our lives come and go. I gave it my all for much of the time, and personally I am extremely pleased with the eventual result. Uncle Spike’s Adventures, after nearly three years (although only semi-seriously from September 2013) has amassed over 531,000 page hits from 2280 posts and a list of some 2858 followers. Not bad for a complete novice at the outset, and way way beyond my expectations.




It’s been a blast, a thoroughly enjoyable adventure; but now I increasingly find my time limited to 15 minutes a day online; perhaps a smidgen more. Suffice it to say, that is not enough to do the blog anywhere near the justice I had originally intended – as is probably very clear to the more regular followers.

So what now? Well, work mainly; sad muppet that I am. Life has hit a busy patch for a few years, that’s all; such is life! However in trying to stave off ever-creeping senility, and to maintain some sense of work-life balance, I have opted for a two-headed approach, and I shall share these self-promises with you now:


I wanna learn to play an instrument. Yes, WTF…. this old codger has already splashed out on an acoustic guitar, and is determined to learn the basics through online tuition. I’m an incredibly stubboırn mule (as those that know me personally will assuredly testify), and always always relish the chance to do something ‘new’ to the absolute best of one’s ability. I have no intention of doing anything other than strumming a few chords to myself on a summer’s eve on the open top floor balcony; playing to the stars perhaps…. literally 🙂 With such limited time, it’ll be my new focus, but of course at the cost of regular blogging – something has to give; I sleep so little as it is!


It happens sometimes, but never as often as I wish… however, I love to write, as some will no doubt recognise by now; nothing publishable by any stretch of the imagination (too much additional work), but just putting words on screen to verbalise my thoughts. This I intend to do via my blogging just once a week, perhaps even bi-weekly instead of daily (or more), but I think my ‘photo’ posts will cease (if I can wean myself off ok), and instead I’ll migrate back to my telling the tales of life as I see it.




So this…. this is my final daily post from Uncle Spike’s Adventures, part one. I aim to return soon with the first of my slower, more literary postings (albeit similar subject areas to my previous offerings of course; just with more substance).

For those who have regularly followed, thank you so very much. Your encouragement and comments have always been a great personal reward. My email remains open ( should anyone wish to keep in contact. In addition to all my blogging friends and acquaintances who I have been conversing with via WordPress comments on our respective blogs, I have gained a few extra-special blog-founded personal friends with whom I now have regular contact on my personal BookFace account and via email – that is my personal legacy of my time blogging, a gift I never dreamt of.

So, with my very best wishes to all. See you soon.



71 thoughts on “Pastures New…

  1. Hello Uncle Spike…..
    I hope you are doing well!


  2. ProOzbon Web Solutions says:

    I’m glad to see you posting again.

    Hoping for peace over there,
    Sandy (ProOzbon logo)


  3. Dragnfli says:

    I’ve been missing your posts and hope this finds you and yours well and safe.
    Seems you may have been the victim of an ancient Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times.”
    Take care and hope to see you again someday.


  4. Peta Kaplan says:

    Oh yes, blogging requires time, energy and dedication. In short, its a job, of sorts.
    I have just discovered you, look forward to reading some past entries and following you as you move forward.



  5. Maureen says:

    Arrrrgggh! Stupid head injury. I never thought of saying hello to you on your blog! Duh! Well, I guess forgetting that is better than accidentally setting my husband’s iPad on fire on the stove. Yup. Burnt that sucker to a crisp. But, actually, you and yours are worth a zillion iPads to me and mine. Watching and praying over this old world. It’s just that the traumatuc brain injury has changed my abilities with words, thoughts, speech, writing. And forgetting to turn the stove off! But never love of family and friends.

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  6. mvschulze says:

    I have felt the same pressure of life, knowing being glued to the computer and other devices have seriously limited my time. But, with the terrible on-going news from Turkey (suicide bombings, the airport, and the coup attempt,) I couldn;t possibly not think of you. So, I only wish you and family the best of fortunes in a dificult time, and thank you for the epleasure of ssing bits and peices of your life.
    God Speed, and be well. M 🙂 (Marty) 7/17/16

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  7. Thinking of you today, my friend. Bloggers still unite for peace. Susan

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  8. I went through this process, it’s hard and I miss the discipline of posting twice each week. there are some fabulous blogs that work on a once a week basis. Daily posts are such a big commitment and you’ve done amazing and still keep it all fresh, glad you’re not disappearing.
    All the best, Charlotte 🙋🏼
    Ps loving your learning the guitar, you’ll love it I’m sure.

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  9. Oh, Spike, I know what you’re saying here. I’m struggling in the same way. My blogging time conflicts with my writing time, music, gardening/horticulture, and family time. I want to have hours to do all these things, but only do any of them half as well as I might do if I gave each of them more focus. All the best with learning the acoustic guitar. And, of course, we will keep in touch. Also, I’m there to beta-read for you, if you get around to writing a novel or anthology of short stories!

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  10. Acoustic guitar is one of my favourite instruments. My son learned form a very early age, and I loved listening to him practice. A much better choice than a violin or a set of drums. 😀

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  11. LB says:

    Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to visit, and now I find that you will be limiting your time here, and exploring other things. Good for you!
    Think of it this way, in addition to all of the friends you have made, you also have a wonderful documentary of your life these past 4 years.
    Music, family, writing … sounds wonderful, Spike.
    Best of success and happiness to you!

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  12. blastedgoat says:

    Life takes over from time to time but I’m sure we will be seeing you around! Thanks for all the great posts and encouragement you’ve given to many-a-blogger. Glad you are finding a new path rather than letting go completely. I enjoy the photos but wise words and stories are always welcome 🙂 Good luck, Spike!

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  13. hello uncle spike its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no how it goze the saym thing happend to me wen dada went bak to wurking on his silly buks and didnt hav time to help me with my blog evry day now i only git to blog a fyoo times a week!!! see yoo agin soon!!! ok bye

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  14. Dan Drews says:

    For a minute there I thought it was all over. I have not been following you and your adventures for very long, being a recent blogger myself. But being a country boy growing up on a farm, you gave me a few chuckles. Glad to hear that the words will still be there, they are as important to the reader as they are to the writer. Let us know when you and your guitar make onto U-Tube LOL.


  15. Aww…
    I understand, though, believe me. Time is precious and the only thing we can somewhat control. I am happy to see that you chose to focus on wriitng and to add a flower to address your partial farewell message. Hope to read soon. Meanwhile, best to you and your family.

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  16. All the best, Spike! Keep strumming! Will stay in touch! Cheers, ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

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  17. Colleen says:

    I will miss your daily posts very much .. They always bought a smile to my face but learning the guitar sounds wonderfully exciting not to mention writing, which is one of my passions Good luck and maybe I will drop you a line one day if that is ok?

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  18. I have been enjoying your photos, and while I will miss them, I look forward to your future posts. 🙂 Good luck with the guitar and the writing!! -Amy

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  19. Anonymous says:

    You will never be short of supporters Spike always good to know what is happening around the old homestead

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  20. lizard100 says:

    Its really hard to do the blog thing sustained justice. It’s important to read as well as post so keeping it going is very long. If you imagine any other writing process like a book you wouldn’t keep writing it forever so changing tack makes a lot of sense.


  21. lizard100 says:

    So Spike, read your lovely thinks no process today.
    A while back I too started blogging and was amazed at the process and how it panned out. Recently my blogging commitments have bottomed out almost completely. I’m glad you aren’t going forever but I also do understand the challenge of other commitments very well. When j met you on this journey I was inspired by your photos and ideas. So whatever you can sustain now is a bonus for me. Well done and thank you.

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  22. Mei-Mei says:

    I’ve had such fun reading your blog, and I’m excited to see where you’ll go next! Best of luck with the guitar and writing.

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  23. May you (eventually?) make beautiful music in the new venture. Daily (and even weekly) blogging is exceptionally demanding, so taking a break or refocusing life is bound to happen from time to time. All the best…

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  24. Yvonne says:

    You’re such a hard worker on your farm, it’s quite a feat you’ve accomplished, keeping us diverted and interested, in your precious spare time.

    Good luck with the guitar, keep us up to date with that, please.

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  25. Sue Slaght says:

    Spike I applaud your move to the once or twice weekly. I find myself that posting at that frequency is a big commitment and I have no idea how you have done daily posts for so long. As I began to read I thought you were signing off for good. Delighted to hear it’s a re-adjustment. Good for you I say!
    Looking forward to your revised posting and wishing best of luck with the music too.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. wareynolds1 says:

    Good luck to you Spike as you turn the page to your next chapter! All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. dayphoto says:

    Whew! For awhile I thought you were going to click the blog off for good. But once a week works…with more stories will be a good thing.

    I’ve been searching for something ‘else’ to do myself. Good for you finding something new to learn. I think a person gets old when they stop learning.

    Have fun! I’ll still be here.


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  28. Linda says:

    Years pass, we accomplish things, we don’t accomplish others. That you created such a large and dedicated community in three short years is remarkable. I’m looking forward to your blog’s next chapter; I’m confident it will be just as great.
    Best wishes from Linda in New York.

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  29. Vicky says:

    Good luck Spike, looking forward to what comes next, albeit slower… enjoy the next phase…

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  30. Norm 2.0 says:

    All the best to you with the next chapter my friend 🙂

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  31. All the best to you as you move forward, Spike. You will still have an audience. 💖

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  32. Sue says:

    All the very best for your next phase, Spike!

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  33. It’s exciting to be adjusting your course, and finding something truer to yourself. I have enjoyed your photos and will look forward to your writing. All the best.

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