One place; two harbours in two seas


Thursday 24 March, 2016 by Uncle Spike

Knidos is located at the very tip of the Datça Peninsula on the western coast of the modern Republic of Turkey. Known originally as the ancient Greek city of Caria, the site dates back to 500BC. Excavations are ongoing, but each year a level of progress can be seen.






However, being tucked away on a peninsula (see below), the site is little visited, but that’s part of the attraction too.


knidos 2


The port is interesting as it is picturesque. The peninsula marks the boundary of the Aegean Sea to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. The geography therefore means that the port or harbour is actually split in two, with one from each sea.


knidos 1




10 thoughts on “One place; two harbours in two seas

  1. tippysmom2 says:

    I must admit I am horrible at geography, so had never heard of the Datça Peninsula. It’s beautiful and I love the fact that it has the 2 ports from 2 different seas.

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  2. dayphoto says:

    WOW! Beautiful…the adjectives just don’t do them justice!


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  3. Gorgeous. The amphitheater’s location is mind-boggling. I’m already eager to see it, next time in Turkiye,

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  4. oldpoet56 says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful part of a beautiful country. To bad that Islam is a part of your nations reality because as long as there is such a thing as Islam there will never be any true peace on this planet.


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Yes, our country is quite beautiful, I’ll not disagree there.

      Oh, and I thank you for your other comment, but posting it on my blog is somewhat a mystery, since I am a very proud, very happy, peaceful, world travelling follower of Islam.

      Perhaps the fact that ISIS have murdered many many more Muslims than those from other faiths may have escaped your neck of the woods. Media is a sad reflection on reality my friend.

      However your views, I wish you a peaceful day, and again, thanks for commenting.


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      • An interesting point that you make Spike. It seems to me that history will regard current abhorrent Islam aggression against the Christian West as just another episode in the history of the religious wars that the world has had to put up with and explain away for two thousand years. We are currently in a period of extreme Islam aggression but I am sure things will change and we will see a fourth (fifth?) Christian Crusade of equally western aggression sometime soon. In the mean time in Europe we have to daily fear for our lives from those cowards who bomb and maim in the name of Islam. there is no excuse for taking human life. Would you defend Islam for the obscenity of Brussels?


        • Uncle Spike says:

          Terrorists are just that. This has nothing to do with Islam. If it did, why are they blowing up scores of Muslims each week? These nutters are against anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with their warped view on life.


          • You make a good point about press coverage and how that influences how we see things. In the UK the newspapers mainly portray the situation in Syria as civil war – Muslims killing Muslims. In Turkey the bombing atrocities are reported as political terrorism – Muslim Kurds murdering Muslim Turks. In Europe it is seen as holy war – Muslims killing Christians, as I suggested almost as an extension of the Crusades.
            Stay happy Spike!


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