Defiance: Frisked before prayers


Saturday 30 January, 2016 by Uncle Spike

Yesterday I took my son to the huge Kocatepe Mosque in downtown Ankara. It was his first time there, and so, by all intents, a special occasion. Kocatepe is massive by the way, with capacity for some 24,000 – yes it’s BIG, with a capital Ba!




Whilst a time for sharing as father and son, it was also a time for feeling apprehensive, protective, and defiant. With hundreds of innocents (civilian and military) regularly killed by bombs and other means within our borders, the endless witnessing of daily funerals is a scary fact of life. Trying to explain that to a young lad from a country farm is something else though.

Attacks during or after Friday Prayers in many countries has long been a reality, beyond the obvious lines drawn on religious grounds, it’s simply a guaranteed mass gathering which I suspect attackers are drawn to.

No matter where we choose to live or travel, we are all faced with that decision: to hide away in fear, or defiantly go about our daily lives. We choose the latter.

Should we cower and give in to terrorism, or not?

Not is my answer.




We chose to go to the mosque, as is our right. Yes it was scary, lining up in our thousands to be frisked for bombs and weapons before entering the external entrances to the compound (100 metres from the building itself I guess). But we did, we got through, we took part, we shared our moment, and we arrived home safe.

Knowing we were not far, yet again, from where not many weeks ago over one-hundred perished from a massive double suicide bombing as they walked on a Saturday morning peace rally was a sobering thought, but we cannot let them win, can we?




16 thoughts on “Defiance: Frisked before prayers

  1. Thank you for sharing this Spike … I can’t imagine being frisked, but it is for everyone’s safety.


  2. Happy you went. Glad you’re back safe.

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  3. I enjoyed reading this post and your views. Nice that you and your son spent some quality time together; very special.


  4. Paula says:

    Great post Uncle Spike….and the photo hints of the gorgeous architecture of the mosque. I love the experience of large amounts of people gathering in beauty to join together peacefully. It’s sad, though, that these days my mind goes to such fearful thoughts in these moments.
    I hold hope for peace ~ so many of us want it, it must be possible.
    In the meantime, yes, we will live our lives in spite of the fear ~ thank you for sharing this experience with us!

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  5. dayphoto says:

    It’s a horrible thing when you must be frisked to pray, but it should make one feel much safer. Safe is a very good thing. Enjoying life is right up there. Good for you!


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  6. Lynn says:

    It is so sad to me that you are having to be frisked in order to pray. May peace continue to surround you Spike.

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    • Uncle Spike says:

      On the other hand, once inside the grounds we felt safer, hoping/knowing/whatever that bombs were less likely. Waiting to get in was the scary bit. The crowds were no less, so an ideal strike point I would have thought, and minimal risk of being stopped.

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  7. Sue Slaght says:

    Good for you Spike to take your son and not let fear rule.

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  8. Nurul Lubis says:

    Good post Uncle Spike. Hope this terror will have its ends soon. I totally agree with you. We’re not supposed to hide from this fear. Instead, we must face it and show the enemy that we’re not afraid of them. Because at the end, the right things will always win..

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    • Uncle Spike says:

      It amazes me how many people still ask me “What, muslims have been killed? Really?” when it’s by far the greater majority. International media is so wrong and damaging these days I feel.

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      • Nurul Lubis says:

        Exactly. I often said to people that as Muslim, I have more possibility to be attacked. First of all, that terrorist will not give any privileges to not kill me when they do their suicide. Secondly, with my hijab, I could be the first target to be attacked by Islamphobia. So, I also wonder when people still think that to be Muslim means I am much safer than others. And as you said, mainstream medias, most of them did not help at all…

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