Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic (III)


Sunday 24 January, 2016 by Uncle Spike

This week’s third Weekly Photo Challenge entry was a long-held optimism…


You see, we have a screen in the kitchen, but as we cannot pick up terrestrial TV, we connect it to the satellite reciever box in the other room. Easy. The only drawback is both screens show the same thing, but that’s ok, we are a small family, so ‘so what’.

A couple of years back our old analogue signal satellite box was replaced with some digitised upgrade. Excellent!? Err, nope; bummer was that the underfloor cabling was no longer any use, with the digital output wanting nothing to do with the coaxial inter-room underfloor connection.

A year or so passed… and eventually I managed to purchase a decent quality multi-pin gold SCART lead that was rather long at 20 metres (60’+). A good friend kindly brought it over from the UK, and we spent a good hour pushing, tugging and coercing the new, of course larger, replacement cable through the long underfloor very tight and narrow cabling tube. We have solid concrete floors that are ceramic tiled – so none of this was made easy by working the cabling through wooden flooring and carpets.

Eventually we had a length of cable at both ends. Of course, the SCART plug had had to be removed beforehand, and so we were left with a tangle of wires. So that’s as far as it went for yet another few months (or more).

The other day I thought “Sod it. Time to bite the bullet and get this sucker connected.” To say there was an air of optimism in the house would be a complete fabrication, as none of us really held out that much hope or confidence that it would work. I had the foresight to cut all the wires at differing lengths in the vain hope of being able to match them correctly (with so many same or similar coloured wires).

But patience and planning paid off, it works 🙂 Maybe I should be more optimistic in the future?

Hope you enjoy this entry.



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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic (III)

  1. Yvonne says:

    So many wires, so many chances to go wrong! Well done.

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  2. dayphoto says:

    You are super talented in so many fields! WOW!


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  3. Vicky says:

    Oh, Oh your post SO takes me down memory lane to my early days in Cyprus. Back in the 1980’s, it was a gift from above to get a telephone line, then the continuing technology challenges just to get the news from the big wide world, not just the one channel that spent Easter week transmitting the scriptures according to Orthodox, seriously,for the whole week. I read a LOT of books in the early years! Interestingly enough not 15 years later Cyta, the government-run Telecom provider had the fastest internet speed available for home use for a short period of time!

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  4. I don’t even know what a SCART is, so your chances of success were much better than mine could have ever been!

    Liked by 1 person

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