Olives Trees ‘Off Season’


Thursday 10 September, 2015 by Uncle Spike

Olive trees tend to produce a crop every two years, more or less. Some trees are a bit weird, producing every three years, and some even every year. I even have a couple of trees which are very confused, with one half of the tree producing one year, then the other half the next 🙂

This year looks like an ‘off season’ in general, so just 80-120KG (176-264 lbs) expected – an easy November-December for me then (yeah right; but not olive picking day in, day out at least). This tree just has a few, but they look pretty healthy so far.




8 thoughts on “Olives Trees ‘Off Season’

  1. How old does an Olive tree need to be before it produces? And what are the environmental conditions that assist? – I planted two a Spanish and an Italian olive about 5 years ago – I am in USDA Zone 9a


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Good question. I have no idea about your ‘zones’, but certainly they love the heat, well drained rocky soil and annual pruning. Mostly fruit is produced on 2-5 year old branches – hence pruning generates growth which in time will bear fruit.

      As to the age, I would ‘guess’ after 5+ years from a rootstock graft, so about 2 metres in height, with a trunk girth of 3cm+ diameter.

      I’m no expert or professional – just basing this on how our trees ‘work’ over here.


  2. You planted the olive trees…or do they grow in the wild?
    In Hawaii, there were avocados, bananas, mangoes growing wild.
    Here, many times I have a hard time finding fruits and vegetables at the grocery store that are not wilted and old!


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Most of my trees are 20-30 years old (before our time here), with a couple in the 100-150 year range. I have planted a few, but the take 5 years to amount to much. Yes, many do grow wild here, with acres of commercial areas too – guess the climate works!


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