Aubergine story


Sunday 28 June, 2015 by Uncle Spike

Growing aubergines has always been a bit of a hit n miss affair with us. Although I have to say, last year we finally seem to have cracked it. This year seems well on track; all things crossed! 

Rotating areas each year is apparently important for this crop – so we comply with that. Sweetcorn were here last summer, although they did absolutely nuffink last season. Here are our seedlings four weeks after planting out.




That weird hail storm that struck in early May damaged many of the leaves.




But these are hardy plants. Once they get established, there is little that troubles them, providing they get water every 4-7 days.




One month later.




A good sign was the bee activity around the flowers.




And now we have the first aubergines; harvestable in 7-10 days.




And a first this year, we also have round aubergines. They should grow to large grapefruit size; perfect for stuffing 🙂




20 thoughts on “Aubergine story

  1. I have eggplant envy! Mine take forever to grow … must be a lot warmer over your way spike!


  2. neihtn2012 says:

    Your eggplants look terrific! I wish mine were doing as well.


  3. Rotated, check. Strong plants, check. Flowers, check. Bees, check. Tiny holes appearing in leaves, not pleased. Used commercial organic veggie dust. Fingers crossed. Suggestions?


  4. lulu says:

    Good for you….I’m still working on being successful when it comes to aubergines! Lettuce I can do but I’m not so lucky when it comes to veggies.


  5. dayphoto says:

    Looking good! Next tell us how your corn is doing. My sweet corn was sprayed and killed. Drift from the ditch company…sucks. I now have no sweet corn for the year. Since it was drift all we got was oh-sorry.



  6. ssgt leslie says:

    Wow amazing vegetables. Are the considered night shades?


  7. Aubergine? Around here that’s an eggplant! Always wondered why they were called that. Thousands of American kids would probably eat them if they were called aubergines sounds so exotic.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. W.H. SIM says:

    congratulations with the aubergines! I love ’em too but didn’t plant any this year … we have had (pretty much) no rain in Vancouver for the past two months!!


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