Turkey – the future?


Saturday 06 June, 2015 by Uncle Spike

I am not one to get too involved in politics, and certainly not on my blog. In my humble opinion, everyone has a right to their own opinion, their own political views, and each of us has the right to follow whatever religion we want, or none, love and marry who we want, and other such basic civil liberties that our 21st century world leaders still struggle to bestow upon the populace.

However, what I do try occasionally, is to add a dose of politics and/or religion in order to explain our life and culture here in the Near East – so here’s an intro to a blog post that may be of interest… 




Tomorrow, our nation heads for a General Election that is seen as pivotal to the future of Türkiye as a democratic nation. We all have our ideas of how it will pan out and what that will mean, but for those in other countries, and have an interest in how things are shaping up over here, this makes interesting reading (author is a Near/Middle East political analyst based in the US who seems to really understand the complexities of the region).

Watch this space, as they say. I used to think politics was boring; not here, that’s for sure!!

When Turkish voters go to the polls this Sunday, it will mark the end of what has been an interminable 15 month long election cycle in Turkey encompassing municipal elections, a presidential election, and finally parliamentary elections. This would be have been taxing under the best of circumstances, but given the factors involved – including but not limited to the transition of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan from prime minister to president, the fate of Erdoğan’s desired constitutional overhaul and prospective presidential system, the pending forced retirement of term-limited AKP legislators, the ongoing fallout from the Syrian civil war, the Kurdish peace process hanging on by a thread, the increasingly nationalist tone of the government following the 2013 Gezi protests, the war between the AKP and its former Gülenist allies, worsening assaults on freedom of speech and expression, and allegations of rampant AKP corruption – the last 15 months have been rough on Turkish society and Turkey’s political system, to say the least……..

Michael Koplow

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23 thoughts on “Turkey – the future?

  1. I learned with interest the results of yesterday election. I do hope it is a sign that things will get better for all of you…though it might be difficult as your political situation is very complex in the context of everything that is happening around you. Good luck! (Suzanne)


  2. Well, pretty safe to say its a loss for AKP tonight…Here in Batman they are celebrating, although rather muted due to the bombing in Diyarbakir, it is an overwhelming victory for them and probably a crushing defeat for Erdogan’s dream…for now anyway!!!!


  3. I hope everything works out for the best and will keep you in my prayers. I think you’re doing a wonderful job of showing ordinary life. It can’t be easy yet you make me happy you show me flowers, and olive trees. Thanks for demonstrating that there’s peace loving people everywhere


  4. dayphoto says:

    New Bloggy Cat has said it all for me. I hope it all works out for the best,I really do.



  5. Dear Uncle Spike,
    I read the most interesting you sent article. In some ways, New Bloggy Cat is correct. Just change a few details and insert name of nearly any country.,,

    I am always interested, though, in how the people of the nation are affected in their day to day lives. Given what I just read about Turkey, how are you and Auntie Spike and Little Spike affected?

    Your Niece Spike and Kitty Spike

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  6. Colleen says:

    We certainly live in very interesting times….we need to listen to what’s really happening in the world today…and be positive role models for the next generstion teaching and showing them them that love, kindness and truth are at the essence of our being, we are all brothers and sisters living together on earth regardless of our race or religion, governments all over the world today are filled with corruption and greed…very sad, challenging and difficult times we live in. Thinking of you all in Turkey.

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  7. Val Boyko says:

    May there be peace 🙏

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  8. Colin Huggins says:

    Yes Spike it will be interesting.
    Very little coverage here in Australia.
    Istanbul security at the airport and border crossings
    seem to be assisting Australia with these Aussie (???)
    “brain-washed” youths who are joining ISIS from here.
    I should imagine passengers at Ataturk International
    Airport (IST) must think they are in a war zone with
    the heightening security.

    I guess we will all have to wait and see.
    Good luck.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)


  9. Interesting article by Michael Koplow. We are no better than Turkey. The society here is reaching the boiling point too 😦

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