Garden in bloom


Tuesday 26 May, 2015 by Uncle Spike

Spring and the start of summer is a colourful time here is southwest Türkiye. The temperatures are high enough to stimıulate growth, but cool enough that flowers perform to their best. A couple of weeks or so down the line, and may flowers give up until the cooler days of autumn – can’t say I blame them really 🙂 So here is a quick snapshot of where the garden is up to on the flower front…


A few of the fruit trees closest to the house, such as this summer lemon tree, are now sharing their space with something rather more beautiful around the base.




Meanwhile, this rather delicate mauve/blue friend pops back into life each springtime; although it never seems to get any larger or spread its wings at all. 




Never planted any poppies here… No need to, they grow wild all over the place, especially on the driveway it seems, or, as in the case below, just outside of a rosebed.






Not to be outdone, the veggies like to show off a bit too. Here we see the simple yet elegant beauty of a cucumber flower.




I used to just refer to our most prolific flower as just ‘posh daisies’, but Stephen from Bramans Wanderings duly informed me a while back (twice even – coz I forgot), and so here we have humble Ganzania 🙂








And finally, the local addition of colour found on most roadsides across the mountains, wild oleander. We have a number of them in the gardens – they love the heat, so no need to worry about them. This one was pickaxed from the roadside and planted here six years or so ago when it was below knee height – it has been chopped twice so far too!




13 thoughts on “Garden in bloom

  1. fredrieka says:


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  2. Oh fabulous! I just love seeing the colour and cheer in your garden! I think that purple plant may be a saliva .. Same family as sage. Love those cute cuc flowers


  3. M.Winter says:

    Cucumber flower. Haven’t seen one so it’s good to see what it looks like. Shame on me.

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  4. I have heard more than one song lyric about oleander. Does it have a nice smell?


  5. AnnetteM says:

    Lovely. I get yellow wild poppies seeding around, but the red ones I have to sow every year. The markings on Gazanias are really striking. We have to pay a fortune for them every year as they rarely last the winter, but I wouldn’t be without them.

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