The natural beauty of a woman


Friday 22 May, 2015 by Uncle Spike


This a music video, and yes, it’s one that I could consider one of my Tunes I Love, but this post is about more than the song….

I cannot abide the pressure young (and not so young) women have to endure these days from the media and the industries that rely upon their cash regarding what is deemed to be beautiful. I for one would say that real men admire the natural beauty of a real woman, not some skinny, plastic, all too ‘perfect’ specimen we are all supposed to go for.

Rant over…

Many of you I know are in North America, and are probably very familiar with this one, but if not, or like myself, hadn’t seen it before, I would urge you to spend a couple of minutes this day to listen to this song and watch the video. The way the story unfolds throughout the video is, well, simply beautiful. 




18 thoughts on “The natural beauty of a woman

  1. Colleen says:

    Great song have heard this before. Have a wide selection of Colbies music. My favourite is a song she and Jason Mraz sing together called Lucky! I forever tell my daughter natural beauty lies within and will radiate out wards always!


  2. Feeling happy 🙂 I never wear make-up or dye my hair. Whenever I tried doing either of those things when I was younger, I didn’t feel like me. That song is wonderful and says it all. No woman should be held hostage to the beauty and fashion industry. Personally, I think that older woman age themselves further when they tart themselves up, but doubtless some of them think I’m a bit of a sad case for not wearing make-up and allowing my hair to go grey. Who cares? I don’t and neither do my family.

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  3. dayphoto says:

    I tell my granddaughter’s this all the time…I hope they remember!



  4. Good on you, Spike. We all need to hear this once in a while…or always !! ☺ Van

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  5. P.S. We hasten to add that husband has always liked us just the way we are and has proclaimed our beauty daily for 30 years. Since he has just had his eyes checked, we guess he is truly looking at us and not, say, Josephine.

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  6. The emotion is clogging my throat right now. Except on rare occasions, I never wear makeup -and the only a little. I wear my hair long and un-colored. I own about 15 items of clothing. All my life I have been subtly and not-so-subtly pressured to “fix myself up” a little or a lot. Without trying to sound like a pompous ass, I try, as the Apostle Paul said, “Always and everywhere to put on love.” Makes the cheeks rosy.
    UncaSpike,you rock. Auntie Spike chose well. Baby Spike is blessed to have such parents.
    🙂 m & jb

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  7. Love the quote and beautiful song! \(♥‿♥)/

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