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Tuesday 19 May, 2015 by Uncle Spike

Took these a couple of weeks ago, but the temperatures have since ramped up (33C, 90F and above), so that means summer will be kicking off pretty soon. Lovely in some ways, but salad type stuff as seen in this post will very soon start to struggle. For now, it’s time to enjoy some organic salads…


Fresh onion and garlic



Tomatoes are always a dodgy thing here. Mostly we stick to dwarf cherry tomato plants, as they seem to be the most successful by far, and are also easily frozen down too. Other varieties are very prone to bug and spider attacks, so we tend to stick to what works – spraying chemicals defeats the whole game I think. Large pink (beef) tomatoes are the hardiest of the non-cherry variety, so we’ll be trying these again this year.

Super large pink tomatoes – fingers crossed



Herbs like Dil are at the end of their season. Very soon we’ll clip off the best leaves and then cut and freeze them for use throughout the year. The heads will be allowed to flower and seed off though.




Roka or rocket – a favourite of ours, and these seedlings should see us through until late July when they flower and die back. No point in sowing any more until mid September. Interestingly, with the wonky weather (warm, then hail, now hotting up) the Tere (large leaf cress) didn’t even germinate this season (note bald patch to the left).

Roka or rocket



Didn’t manage to germinate any lettuce this year either, but some seedlings from the market a few weeks ago are now coming along nicely 🙂




Basil – we have green and black, as well as small leaf of both growing this year. These large leaf green are now doing quite nicely, whereas last year only the black large leaf worked at all.




Maydonez (as we know it), is a flat leaf parsley with a fairly strong taste. Usually it is too hot to grow much of it, but so far we have enough to keep us going, although the new seeds also failed.




A constant favourite for us; cucumbers are now growing outdoors as well as in the greenhouse. They never last long though, as whitefly and/or red spider tends to wipe them out.




Ah, now these are newly planted out dwarf cherry tomatoes mentioned earlier. They’ll only grow to 25-30cm (10-12″) wide/tall, but produce up to one kilo a season tops. Usually red spider is a problem, but I’ve found that spraying just twice a season when the infestation gets real bad is enough. Needs must, but there is no fruit on the plants when I spray, so not too bad I guess.

Cherry tomatoes



8 thoughts on “Salad stuff

  1. dayphoto says:

    Things must grow really fast there with all that lovely sunshine and HEAT!



  2. There will be salad !! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow .. loads of veg coming on. Fabulous! Have you tried Neem oil? Good organic way to combat a few pests .. might be worth having a look at Spike 🙂


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