Rebellious age


Friday 01 May, 2015 by Uncle Spike

To say I went through a rebellious stage during my seven years of teenhood would be putting it mildy. However, as one of my blog followers happens to be mother, perhaps I should refrain from bearing all as to the extent of my endeavours. She might be an octogenarian, but that silver surfer doesn’t miss a trick, so for now, my lips are sealed. Let’s just say that with the exception of gun crime and earning money by way of sexual favours for cash, I tried it all…. I was quite good at it too, in my humble opinion; a true teenage rebel who meant well, most of the time, but caused no end of heartache to my mother during the course of my youth (which lasted over ten years) 😀




Needless to say, the affect on my educational achievements and early career was predictable as it was ruinous. But such is life. It made me what I am today, with a yardarm of experience to look back upon with a wry smile. To summarise that profound period of my life, what better than the ace musical specimen by the Beastie Boys as this weeks constituent for my Tunes I Love.



9 thoughts on “Rebellious age

  1. You’ll have to hope Spike Jnr misses this phase 👪


  2. Ed says:

    I’m right there with ya, my mum follows and reads my blog too and while I was a twit in my rebellious years she stood there right besides me. Loved the Beastie Boys but I was more a Clash/ Sex Pistols punker myself..:-)

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  3. I’m so impressed, Spike, that your mom is one of your followers. I was the least rebellious teenager…ever…but I still don’t share my blog with family. It allows me a different kind of writing freedom, I guess. Love the Beastie’s video..☺ Van

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  4. Patrecia (with an E) says:

    Hello Spike’s Mum….nice to meet you!
    As foryour teenage years Spike I guess we all do things that hurt our parents..I know i did, and so did my daughters….its just a time of trying to get away with as much as you can…like pulling a piece of elastic and seeing how far it will go before it pings off and hits you on the nose.
    Whatever you did , your Mum still loves you and that is what Mothers do ( most of the time). They hold their breath , count to ten…and pray that things will change and eventually they do. My daughters are my closest friends as I am sure that your Mum is also….
    Have a good day, and hope the weather is good down south

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  5. John says:

    With so much happening (in those days), the straight and narrow looked pretty boring as I recall. We had to try it all, lucky to have survived it.

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