Lemon recovery – result


Sunday 26 April, 2015 by Uncle Spike

In the ongoing saga of the lemon trees versus the unexpected and rare cold snap this past winter, we have seen mixed results. The largest of the lemon trees is well into recovery, with new leaves replacing those that fell almost overnight after the coldest night

A few others look ok, with one still decidedly dodgy, with possibly three out of four limbs quite possibly dead – we’ll see in time what happens there. But our smallest tree, which normally yields some 20kg (44 lbs) of juice lemons, is thankfully now in full recovery. There are even flowers on the lower branches, where they were more sheltered I guess.

The affected branches mostly died back. I have waited until now, as when cutting back lemon branches, there is no point until it is crystal clear what is dead rather than dormant, as cutting into an even partially green branch can send the tree into shock, causing even further drying of the branch and even its neighbours who act out as if in sympathy. The general rule of thumb is to cut brown stuff only; so that’s what I do. Other citrus trees are in no way as fussy… the beauty and variety of mother nature.


This was the picture a month ago



And this week – you can more clearly see the damaged ‘canopy branches’




So I set too with my trusty secateurs, slowly removing the offending deadwood, cutting just beyond the green, taking take to avoid the one inch thorns that a young lemon tree is armed with!




Twenty minutes later, and we have a much healthier looking young tree. The bark, on this tree as least, does not seem to be damaged, so I have no worries about its future. To be honest, it’s a better shape now!




15 thoughts on “Lemon recovery – result

  1. […] the recovery success of the ‘little’ lemon tree, we’ve had to wait to see how the larger trees ended up. Almost three months on, and this is […]


  2. Looking good! I love lemons but find my citrus hard work. I should get the soil tested, plus I need to feed them a whole lot more. I too agree, trees go out in sympathy ..

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  3. dayphoto says:

    YAY! Starting to recover (at least this one). I have learned so much from your posts. I have never in my life be around a lemon tree so reading and seeing is very interesting. On the positive side, I’m so glad this one is going to make it!



  4. Isn’t it funny how word of the survival of one small lemon tree on the other side of the world can bring a smile here?

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  5. bethbyrnes says:

    It is so tenuous touching these precious trees when they have suffered. All we can do is try our best, as you are doing. I will keep my fingers crossed for them.

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  6. fredrieka says:

    prune prune prune , then kindling for fire I love laying by the fire

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  7. You are a man of so many talents…


  8. El Rolyat says:

    Pruning lemon trees, not for the faint (or is it feint?) hearted. Nor for those who don’t like the sight of blood 🙂
    I hope your tree makes a full recovery.

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