Interesting balcony visitor


Saturday 11 April, 2015 by Uncle Spike

Ok then oh wise friends of the ornithology persuasion, what’s this beauty then? I was sat there at the dining room table and saw a beautiful bird fly past the balcony window and then settle on the railing, some two metres from the window.




Forgive the graininess of the images, but there was no way I could open the sliding balcony door to get a decent photo, so these were taken through the rather dirty glass!






I thought it was some sort of woodpecker, but thanks to all the advice… yep, I now know its a Hoopoe – live n learn !

I had tried a Google Image search, but guess what it said, a flippin’ tiger (see below), but even I know that was wrong 🙂




26 thoughts on “Interesting balcony visitor

  1. Beautiful! I’ve never seen such a bird, maybe its regional. I would have guessed a woodpecker too.


  2. 2e0mca says:

    Definitiely a Hoopoe – related to Rollers and Kingfishers rather than woodpeckers. Like woodpeckers they do tend to nest in holes in trees but I believe it’s usually a hole someone else made first!


  3. Mei-Mei says:

    I am cracking up over that image search. What a cool bird, though.

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  4. I absolutely love birds. In the wild. I would never keep one in a cage. This one is gorgeous and I have no idea who he is. I’m familiar with North America woodpeckers. They look totally different, although the small thing on top of the head can be similar (sort of.) In any case, good shot despite the glass in between you and this bird.

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  5. Andy Oldham says:

    Different but very beautiful!

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  6. I think it’s this one, Spike.
    Beautiful shots, despite the dirty windows. I have a few rather misty looking bird pictures, due to the same thing!

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  7. WadeandRock says:

    It’s a Hoopoe – distantly related to kingfishers, bee-eaters and rollers. Found across Asia, Africa and southern parts of Europe.


  8. Looks like a hoopoe to me Spike

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  9. Beautiful but we have nothing like it in the UK. 🙂


  10. Yvonne says:

    I hope someone knows what this bird is. I reckon you’re right about it being in the woodpecker family. (Not a tiger, darn it.)


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