Peppers & Yoghurt


Saturday 21 March, 2015 by Uncle Spike

One of my favourite side dishes are hot peppers served with yoghurt – very traditional fare and my treat. My wife is the expert of said dish, so it’s a weekend special for me when she’s home… It’s a simple dish, but here is the photo guide from the Spike Kitchen.


Step one

A few good dollops of strained yoghurt, preferable from the neighbouring farm where it’s made from strained cow’s milk (we know the cow too, nice old gal), hung for two days in cotton bags from fruit trees. Add some fresh cold water.



Step two

Mix well until a smooth consistency. It takes a while and must be done by hand with a normal fork – no machinery or it spoils the taste (that’s my theory anyhow)





Step three

Select some lovely dried peppers – some are hot, some not so, and size varies too… however you like.



Step four

Heat a small amount of olive oil. I guess you can use any oil, but we only have/use our own olive oil of course, so why not? We only use a small amount and heat until fuming… (oil, not personally)



Step five

Throw in the peppers and keep them moving. They only take a couple of minutes, and burn VERY easily, so cannot be left unattended!



Step six

The secret is to keep taking on/off the direct heat a few times.



Step seven

As soon as they are ready, remove them immediately, else they will burn. Even when taking these photos, a few burned as you can see (still tasted ok though). Oh yes, forgot to mention to OPEN A WINDOW, as the fumes can be known to knock out a fully grown Rhino!



Step eight

Serve hot and dip into the cold yoghurt – love it.



11 thoughts on “Peppers & Yoghurt

  1. […] favourite side dish, PEPPERS ‘N’ YOGHURT; dried peppers cooked crisp and served with a bowl of cool natural unpasteurized fresh yoghurt. […]


  2. Oh boy this sounds decadent. Certainly for chilli lovers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dayphoto says:

    Another cool recipe to try! I might have to buy the yoghurt…no longer do I have a cow. Wish I did.

    Linda ★★


  4. maamej says:

    Looks amazing, and all the better for being your own or locally produced too. You are a brave man, frying chillies, the fumes can be lethal, although I guess that depends on the chillie. I always warn people not to fry habaneros.


  5. Dr_IQ says:

    Humm, what is it called in Turkish?


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