Can’t Live Without You…


Tuesday 03 February, 2015 by Uncle Spike


First off, don’t worry, I’m not stood on a ledge or a bridge, but in my past I have faced some demons over the years, as well as bereavement on a couple of occasions that I’ll admit knocked me sideways.

For me, like many others, music was my saviour, enabling me to reflect, reminisce, cry, shout back at the world and eventually, recover. Music to me was an essential part of the process: it sort of ‘oils’ the cogs in order that one can navigate through the quagmire of a shattered world.

One of those timeless classics that almost all of you will know and respect, if not love, is the tear-wrenching 1971 track by the late Harry Nilsson, “Can’t Live Without You”, from the Nilsson Schmilsson album.

Whilst we may not all ‘enjoy’ this track, I hope this latest selection from my Tunes I Love finds you in a good place right now. Rather than the original or other commercial versions, this apparently is the original demo, with Harry actually playing the piano.



18 thoughts on “Can’t Live Without You…

  1. I feel like I know this song but I don’t know this version. I think I might have sung it at Stagecoach or something similar from,the Beatles.


  2. lamputts says:

    It’s amazing how the right music can “find you” when you need it. Suddenly something in the lyrics will speak to you and will forever be associated with that emotion and memory. Good choice and thanks for sharing.

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  3. orples says:

    I owned Neilsson’s Album 40 years ago. I used to love that song, and it has been so long since I’ve heard it. Thanks for the flashback.

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  4. Val Boyko says:

    Music allows us to touch our innermost feelings of love and yearning. I used to cry and cry to this one remembering a never to be / lost love as a teenager. Thank you for bringing this to life Spike!


  5. June says:

    Gorgeous version. Music is so powerful. It can touch you deep inside and transport you to places long ago. Wonderful.


  6. Colleen says:

    I love this song, I have a collection of music in my car and this is in Colls favourite collection. I often have it playing as I drive around the country side! Still gets to me! Thanks for sharing. 😊

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  7. tonyarmitage says:

    Music has been a constant companion and support throughout my life. An amazing song, definitely in my ‘neck tinglers’ selection. Songs that give me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing spike. Btw… First serious dusting of snow here today and about 3 degrees. Have a good one.


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