Being A Muslim At Christmas


Sunday 21 December, 2014 by Uncle Spike


The vast majority of followers to my wee blog are located in the States, Canada and the UK. Irrespective of personal beliefs, most of you therefore will be celebrating Christmas with your families and loved ones this coming week….

Here in Türkiye it’s just another normal week. The boss will be away all week at work, and the small person at school. Me, well I’ll be planting broad beans, peas and starting the winter pruning in the garden, before tackling the orchards in the New Year.

So, whilst we have our cultural differences in terms of what we celebrate, how, why and when, we, as Clan Spike, wanted to send you all our very best wishes for this coming week. And to mark said occasion, here’s a rather cute video I spotted of some silent monks 🙂



14 thoughts on “Being A Muslim At Christmas

  1. joannesisco says:

    However you spend your week, I hope it is a happy one Spike! 🙂

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  2. lamputts says:

    It’s our first Christmas in a Muslim country (Abu Dhabi) and, like Turkey, the 25th is a working day. However, my husband has been told to take the day off anyway. Religion of all types is respected here and all that is asked is that we, too, respect the Muslim traditions.

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  3. […] Source: Being A Muslim At Christmas […]


  4. LB says:

    I’ve seen and enjoyed that video, Spike. Thanks for sharing.
    And for helping those of us who DO celebrate to remember that not all do.
    That is one of the things that I love about blogging … learning about other cultures from a more personal perspective.


  5. orples says:

    Thank You Uncle Spike. If the whole world had your outlook I suspect we could all live in peace. I think more wars have been fought over religious beliefs than for any other reason (including finance) known to man. People should all be free to express their personal beliefs no matter what they are, as long as they don’t harm anyone else as a result. Even with a ‘normal’ week for you and yours, I hope your days are blessed with love, good heath, and prosperity. 🙂

    And thank you for your Christmas greetings. 🙂

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  6. fredrieka says:

    I loved this I also have to say You show the true love and tolerance .. I am a fan of Uncle Spike

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  7. Here in Georgia (Gurcistan), the week ahead is a normal week. Christmas is celebrated by a vigil in church on the night of 6th/7th January but the big celebration is on 31st December (New Year’s Eve) celebrated with feasting, fireworks and presents. Happy Winter Solstice.

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  8. fredrieka says:

    I love the video thanks Uncle Spike… my favorite song

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