Goodbye Mister Flubberbelly (part three)


Saturday 20 December, 2014 by Uncle Spike

So, in addition to opting to reduce my calorie intake voluntarily, rather than have a plank of wood nailed firmly across my face, I decided to look at some more regular formal exercise.

When I was a teenager, I ran, and ran, and ran… like a puny English version of Forrest Gump, I ran to escape the bullies at school, opted to run cross-country to avoid sports where you got hit by hard spherical objects, and ran because, err, I seemed to like it. Serious smoking, a palette for fast food and slow drink and other wrong decisions soon put a stop to that sporty side of my life, I have to admit.

My general fitness levels were never bad, having always been active, particularly with DIY (home building/ decorating), adventure travel, gardening and other non-sporting outdoor pursuits.




Fifteen years or so after running, I did find myself partaking in the odd hour of formal exercise in the small gym of the corporate headquarters where I worked. It was ‘ok’, but I was more interested in the Mars Bar from the snack machine on the walk home to be frank. I did walk a fair deal though, firstly I had dogs most of my life and walking across the Yorkshire Moors was good for the soul. I also opted for a long walk to/from the office, partly it was a financial decision, and partly to keep my home and office life and worries clearly in their respective places.

After having a go at the 30-Day AB Challenge in June, I was astonished at the physical difference in my body shape; basically, it had some after completing the short regime. I wasn’t particularly overweight, but everything had been ‘heading south’ for a couple of years – not a pretty sight.

After that it was Ramadan, and as much as I tried on a couple of occasions, I couldn’t muster the strength to exercise during those 30 long days of fasting. I guess my willpower was all directed elsewhere 🙂 To not eat, drink or chew at all from 4:00am until 8:30pm during the blistering heat of our Turkish summer is fairly demanding – no complaints though; it was a really good fast this year, but exercise I had to admit came a firm ‘second’. To be honest too, it’s also about lack of physical time. With only seven hours in every 24 left to do all ones’ eating, drinking and sleeping, priorities change, believe me 🙂

But after that 30-day start, I found my life had changed, I had changed.

To be continued… 




3 thoughts on “Goodbye Mister Flubberbelly (part three)

  1. […] past couple of weeks we have been away in Istanbul and Ankara, and I have become a bit of a Forrest Gump once more. Each morning has meant a full one hour brisk-paced walk, striding around the hilly […]


  2. I watching this show with keen interest.


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