New School Year – yay!


Thursday 18 September, 2014 by Uncle Spike

After the mammoth 92 day summer break, the small people have migrated back to their schools to a) learn stuff, b) torment their teachers, and c) to let their parents recover some semblance of sanity before men in little white coats become their new ‘BFFs’.

With two semesters per academic year, no ‘half-terms’ and long hot summers here, the June-September recess is just one of those things in Turkey, but it’s arguably too long for the kids, and, well, no need to comment on the parental impact (aarrgghh). Love my kid, but I’m not exactly all teary-eyed now that school has restarted for the autumn-winter semester 🙂

As you’ll have seen, me n him, that is, yours truly and the small person, aka Cousin Spike Jnr, have done a few things over the summer. There has been plenty of home-schooling, mainly on math (his favourite), and English spelling (his second). Then there has been furniture assembly lessons, bicycle riding lessons (almost there), and a few swimming lessons. We also had electrical soldering lessons (he’s not bad either!), exercise classes (watching and laughing at dad mainly), plus a fair amount of expected tomfoolery that two male reprobates (one young, one… err, not so) can get up to when left unsupervised for weeks on end 🙂

In addition to that ‘lot’, he also spent some time ‘at work with mum’, had a surprise ‘week away’ with his Auntie V (his first ever holiday ‘alone’), plus a couple of weeks family jollies.




But… back to reality now, and a new semester, a new school year, and in fact even a new school, so exciting times all round.

Serious update now: 

On the way to the school on day one this week, kiddo was a bit nervous (natural, new school), but as it’s his 4th new school since age 2, he’s become pretty adaptable. Anyway, I asked an important dad/son question “What sort of teacher would you like?”

He looked at us deadpan, and very seriously said “female, young, tall, slim, but her hair colour is not important”. He might be six, but he knows his own mind. And so the result; his teacher turns out to be maybe late 20’s, darned tall (legs nearly at his head height) and very slim, all wrapped up in a smart trouser suit. You should have seen his face – These things are vital to one’s education by the way.


5 thoughts on “New School Year – yay!

  1. I love his hat! My son has a one that looks very similar and he wears it every chance he gets. 🙂

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  2. joannesisco says:

    Apparently boys learn their preference in women at a very early age 🙂

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  3. dayphoto says:

    You gave me a chuckle! The gift of a wish…so it seems!


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  4. AnnetteM says:

    That really is too long for a break for all the reasons you say. Not all children will have the benefit of home tutoring either to keep their brains going. Does Spike Junior go to a special school for his ability or has he been moved up with older children? Love the bit about his ideal teacher. My eldest son was definitely in love with his first primary teacher and I had to try very hard not to be too jealous!

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