Bubble Wrap Is FUN..!


Sunday 31 August, 2014 by Uncle Spike

You know when you buy something online, it often comes wrapped up in that plastic film of bubbles, known affectionately as ‘bubble wrap’?

Well, unless I am weirdly alone on this, I just love to ‘pop’ this stuff. It’s a strangely addictive habit, and no matter how many decades I pass through, I do still have the odd moment when there is nothing else to do in life, but sit in my office and pop some bubble-wrap!



This sort of, dare I say, ‘fetish’, goes back a long for me, and in particular to the time of my late teens.

When I left school, at the age of sweet 16, I had abandoned the dark halls of all the educational establishment could offer… for the glamour and bright lights of working ‘in the city’. Now, if truth be known, it wasn’t all that salubrious, or that much of a city life either. I had not, after all, landed a job on Wall Street in NY, or even in some fancy shop on Regents Street, London (or even Canarby Street for that matter). No, my nearest ‘city’ was that of Southampton, on the south coast of England, and my high-flying career started out in the warehouse of a certain national electrical retailer.

My job was fun though. I was pretty much my own boss, responsible for stock control, taking stock down to the shop floor, accepting, controlling and unloading the massive weekly deliveries from the central depot near London, and generally keeping the ‘back’ of the retail enterprise in good working order. Most of the time I did my job.



It was my own little world though, my domain, and my refuge. Sure, the management would come see me on occasion, and the shop-floor staff were always in and out of the warehouse looking for stuff to flog an unsuspecting public. It kept me busy, fit, and enough cash in pocket for a couple of years.

Bubble-wrap… now that stuff does vary in both size and quality you know. For instance, the ‘bubbles’ themselves range from pretty tiny that might be used to pack a bedside travel clock, to much larger than my rather ugly and large BIG toes. Why so large? Well, one of my tasks was to deal with returned faulty goods, for which I was the transitioning man responsible for sending away the customers’ broken wares to a central repair shop.

Now when a television came in from a customer, it never had a box of course, it was just on the back seat of their car, parked out by the delivery bay. My job was to collect it, process the work-order, wrap it up safely, and dispatch it on the next truck returning to head office.

By the way, we are talking the early 1980s here, so TVs were bloody huge big cathode ray tube behemoths back then, not your fancy slim-jim high-tech LCD jobbies we take for granted nowadays. These beasts weighed a ton, and required some serious packing to ensure safe delivery to/from the repairers. And guess what we used… bubble-wrap of course.



The ‘serious’ grade wrap came in huge rolls, which when upended, were some 6 ft (180cm) tall and 3 ft (90cm) in girth. The length, when rolled out, was some 50 metres, or 160 feet long!! And oh boy, what fun they were 🙂

First of all, if I kept the top floor clear, there was sufficient room to roll one of these babies right out! Second, anyone familiar with a stock-cage? These are steel mesh cages used to carry stock by way of rolling on/off the big delivery truck raised ramps. Each was 3 feet (90cm) square, and 6 feet tall (180cm), with a top, secure locks and four hefty nylon wheels underneath. These were very heavy when fully laden with home electronics, hence I kept fit lugging 16 of these every week from the truck to the warehouse.



But they also served another purpose.
And I’ll take you through the steps:


Step one

Lay out the mega-sized bubble wrap from end-to-end on the top floor.

Step two

Secure the ‘ends’ of the roll with a couple of heavy old televisions.

Step three

Manoeuvre a laden stock cage onto one end of the bubble-wrap.

Step four

Push the cage and run like hell all the way down to the other end! The noise was incredible as the big wheels popped thousands of bubbles in a cacophony of sound 🙂

Oh the joys of misspent youth!




13 thoughts on “Bubble Wrap Is FUN..!

  1. You never cease to amaze me, Uncle Spike. 😀


  2. Dragnfli says:

    Ah, you brought back memories! When I was in college, I worked summers on an Army depot. The group I was in did actual inventory in the warehouses. One day something needed pulled down with a pallet jack. These were propane fuled, big enough to ride on and lift pallets up a dozen feet high. We found a strip of bubble wrap, the one inch bubbles, and it needed popped. We put it down on the floor and ran over it with the jack. It sounded like machine gum fire. It was awesome!


  3. dayphoto says:

    I agree…nothing better than the snapping of bubble wrap!



  4. Me, too. Bubble wrap is great. The last super-noisy sheet of bubble wrap I had the pleasure of deflating was bright pink.


  5. Aanchal says:

    Ha ha ha I love that too!! You are not alone


  6. ballerina95 says:

    haha. I loved that last step! That must have been thrilling.

    You are not alone in the bubble wrap thing. I used to hoard the precious few bubble wraps that came my way to pop on my free time.


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