Summer Skool Wiv Dad #5


Monday 25 August, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Many of you will know of young Cousin Spike Jnr‘s exploits in the mathematics department and his love for all things mechanical, or in any way related to space (e.g. Star Wars Lego).

Well, we finally did the honourable thing as parents and kitted out the aforementioned small person’s bedroom. He’s 6 and has, up until now, had no wardrobe or set of drawers etc. and suffice it to say, the boxes of clothes under the bed were less than ideal.

Anyway, on a recent trip up north, we happened upon an Ikea store (groan). Yes I know they are pretty dire, but believe me, for the money and our pocket, you really cannot buy better here in Turkey. Most in-country manufacturing costs are linked to the Euro, which for us means prices have risen by 40% in the past 5 years just in terms of exchange rates, and that is over and above our 9% annual inflation.

So last week saw our young apprentice guide me through the assembly of an Ikea self-assembly wardrobe, set of drawers, a bookcase and a desk – so finally something to add to the lonesome ‘bed’ that used to constitute his room. 

Of course he loved their instructions booklets.

Now, I have assembled, I don’t know, probably 35 pieces of Ikea furniture over the years, so I’m quite au fait with their style and never have a problem (after the obligatory initial disasters many years back).



However, said 6 year old nerd loved them, and was happily telling me which holes to use, and was a dab-hand at gently banging in some 90 wooden dowels, and then correctly placing and screw-tightening all the bolt holders.




The theory is that he’ll better appreciate his room, now that he has spent a few hours working to build it.

We’ll see…. never worked much with me I’m afraid, I was still a destructive urchin!




23 thoughts on “Summer Skool Wiv Dad #5

  1. […] mainly on math (his favourite), and English spelling (his second). Then there has been furniture assembly lessons, bicycle riding lessons (almost there), and a few swimming lessons. We also had […]


  2. AnnetteM says:

    Great that he likes the practical things as well as the intellectual.


  3. LB says:

    He did a great job (with a little help from you 🙂 )


  4. Mei-Mei says:

    Way to go, Spike Jr!! He’s already a more productive member of society than some grown-ups!


  5. dayphoto says:

    Gosh! You read the directions first!! WOW! That’s a novel approach. I usually try to do it first, then go get Terry…then he reads the directions!

    He looks so grownup there!! Hang on tight…the next years fly by!



  6. fredrieka says:

    so you read the instructions first, I will have to tell momwithoutpaws that it may help


  7. This is so much more meaningful to build together, you’re right. Good job to both of you.


  8. Looks fab – hope he keeps it more clean and tidy than my darling daughter ever has! Not a battle we chose to fight but I do sort of wish we had now! She is still a messy urchin!


  9. looks great and very professional, what a lucky lad !


  10. joannesisco says:

    Maybe you hit upon the real reason people have challenges assembling IKEA furniture … the instruction manuals were written by, and for, 6 year olds 🙂
    Great work!!


  11. It looks great!! Whenever my husband and I attempt to assemble anything from IKEA we always seem to have bits left over lol


  12. ballerina95 says:

    Amazing boy 🙂 He is growing up fast


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