Summer Skool Wiv Dad #4


Thursday 21 August, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Young Cousin Spike Jnr is continuing with his love of math, sums, mathematics, call it what you will. Most weeks during the 13 week school summer jollies, we have at least 3 math sessions, mostly as his request I might add.

Each morning I write up a few sums on his whiteboard, which seems to have taken up permanent residence in our hallway downstairs. He then wanders past en route to the bathroom, and whenever the mood takes him, he sits on the stool and then he’s off…



None of the sums involve very big mental calculations, as he’s working at bedding down the overall concept and the process itself. But the calculations are growing every day. He wants me to challenge him, so larger they get… and still the little nerd gets them.






And his reward for the past month’s achievements… his own calculator!

He doesn’t seem to want to use it for cheating either; just to check his answers. Yet another sign he’s not like his old dad as much as we first thought 🙂




13 thoughts on “Summer Skool Wiv Dad #4

  1. […] Jnr, have done a few things over the summer. There has been plenty of home-schooling, mainly on math (his favourite), and English spelling (his second). Then there has been furniture assembly lessons, […]


  2. I’m already lost! One of my daughters was like your son, so it is with emotion for him and your family that I see his progress and interest. Enjoy the journey!


  3. dayphoto says:

    What an outstanding little Math Brain you have there Cousin Spike Jr.



  4. AnnetteM says:

    Gosh I am impressed both by his accuracy and tenacity. Are you keeping up with the way they do things these days? They even borrow and pay back differently – or they did when my kids were at school. Mind you, they have probably gone back to the proper way by now. You sound like you are already full of ideas, but let me know if you want any work books sending over – they do make some really good ones these days. How old is Cousin Spike Jnr?


  5. swamiyesudas says:

    Kudos! Love and Blessings on this Young Man!


  6. fredrieka says:

    2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate UNCLE SPIKE! good teacher


  7. newbloggycat says:

    Wow…well done Cousin Spike Jnr 🙂


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