New England USA ~ Out & About


Sunday 10 August, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Mid 80’s and I was out and about in New England in the northwest United States. So far we’ve had some snaps from downtown Boston, then a day of whale watching, some residential palatial palaces, and then a weekend seeing how rich boys played, followed by a few shots of the beautiful rivers and lakes from that part of the states.

For the last post in this mini-series, here’s a mix that I’ve called “Out and about” – a few shots that summarize much of my time ‘over there’…


Covered Bridges are very common in the northern states and something I don’t recall seeing in other countries. Are they a feature in your homeland too?


New England0014_blog


The Green Mountains of Vermont – if only I had had a bike over there…


New England0013_blog


Ice cold rivers roaring over huge boulders, managed forests and natural woodland as far as the eye can see… this area of New England has an abundance of natural beauty that one would be hard pushed to tire of.


New England0008_blog


I went camping in Jamaica!!!

Ok, sort of…. I spent a weekend in Jamaica State Park, camping with my cousins friend, Fred. Great memories of shark steaks on an open fire, supping a few tinnies in the firelight late into the night as we put the world to rights.


New England0007_blog


Hailing from distant shores (Britain), the name Manchester doth mean something a little different to what you see below…. yes, this was the beach at Manchester-by the-sea (Massachusetts). 

Couldn’t get more different to the northern UK city of Manchester if you tried!


New England0030_blog


P.S.:  As with all these ‘blast from the past’ series, please note, and excuse, the quality of the images. All are scans of low quality 6″x4″ (15x10cm) prints that were stored away in an attic for a long time.


13 thoughts on “New England USA ~ Out & About

  1. lindasblogs says:

    Yes, New England is a very special region. Thanks for reminding me of how beautiful it is.


  2. I was out and about today in northern New Hampshire. Beautiful sunny day in the 80’s. Thanks for the kind words and nice photos of New England. 🙂


  3. fredrieka says:

    we do have some beauty in our country. I love living in Michigan it has everything you pictured here and for less cost


  4. lizard100 says:

    Whale watching!!!!!!


  5. New England is a beautiful American region. Thank you again for the photos, as old as they are, some things never change. The beauty of the New England states is still comparable. More people in Boston and its surroundings suburbs but still gorgeous.


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