The Broken Pier of Datça


Friday 08 August, 2014 by Uncle Spike

As part of the ‘Guess What!‘ series, readers were challenged to work out what the story was behind this photograph of some reinforced concrete…



There were some good guesses, and two of our Spikette’s (Annette and Liz) followed a hot trail of deductive logic to more or less get the story behind the image. Some of the theory was as follows:

A broken path.

Cracked but quite a thick slab so something really heavy broke it or there was a shift in the ground.

Part of a bridge?

Is this object/structure in Turkey?

An earthquake or the land dried out and the path has moved.

There’s a dip in it so this is a join. Or a collapse where the path/bridge has been undermined and repaired.

It’s a concrete pathway of sorts. So it’s crossing something. Maybe a water channel. So they are slabs that form a bridge maybe.

The image strip is very narrow so whatever is above/below must be a massive clue.

So it’s an earthquake damaged modern structure.


Ok, to add some context…

Now you can see how accurate the girls were, well done 😀




It’s a section of damaged pier on the Datça Peninsula, southwest Turkey.




Bizarre thing is that it’s just a section that collapsed, the rest is intact.






I suspect this was caused by 3 quakes in quick succession, August 2004.

Not huge for around here (5.4-5.6), but epicentre within 5km (3 mi). 


The 5 story “Oğretmen Evi” (Teachers House) hotel was critically damaged then too (just 200 metres from the pier) and was demolished just this past winter. We were there the day they started the wrecking, much to the delight of Cousin Spike Jnr – who shares his dad’s typical boyhood love of all things to do with destruction.




25 thoughts on “The Broken Pier of Datça

  1. […] For more images and the full story about this rather bizarre structure, you are welcome to view my earlier post, The Broken Pier of Datça. […]


  2. lizard100 says:

    All plugged in and ready to go. This post prize is really impressive. Thanks very much!


  3. I wasn’t so far away!


  4. AnnetteM says:

    OK, I will go along with the general weather theme and choose SUN – something you get too much of at certain times. I would be interested to hear what strategies you employ to help your plants and vegetables cope, or even how you cope yourself! This is not a problem we ever have in Aberdeen, but I know many of my readers further south would find it interesting. No rush.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. AnnetteM says:

    Oh Wow! I think the winner should actually have been Liz as she got closest, but I am not going to turn down a guest blog from Uncle Spike! I will accept the prize for sheer dogged determination! Thank you so much.

    Now to think of a subject – I think my brain cells actually need a rest after all that thinking yesterday, but will get back to you today.


  6. lizard100 says:

    Hmmm now let me see. I rarely win stuff but mysteries can be tempting. I think I’d like a 500 word guest blog on ‘rain’! It’s watery, you don’t get much of it, I imagine and it’s sympathetic to the topic of this quest. : )


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