What’s The Story Here? UPDATED


Wednesday 06 August, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Here’s a ‘Guess What!’ with a difference…
Yes, I know it is concrete…
~  ~  ~  ~
But any clue as to what it is, or what the story is?
~  ~  ~  ~
I’ll write a 500 word guest post for your blog
on the subject of your choice if you get it right!!
~  ~  ~  ~
Good luck 😀

~  ~  ~  ~

Here are some of the comments that should give you all the clues you need. I’m not saying what is or isn’t correct, but most of the information you are looking for is there, sort of, well maybe…


No trick photography or upside down

A broken path. It’s cracked but quite a thick slab so something really heavy broke it or there was a shift in the ground. An earthquake or the land dried out and the path has moved.

There’s a dip in it so this is a join. Or a collapse where the path/bridge has been undermined and repaired.

It’s a concrete pathway of sorts. So it’s crossing something. Maybe a water channel. Or irrigation. So they are slabs that firm a bridge maybe.

The strip is very narrow so what ever is above and below must be a massive clue.

It is where you used to moor your boat!

The seats of a Roman Amphitheatre after an earthquake…

76 thoughts on “What’s The Story Here? UPDATED

  1. AnnetteM says:

    Has it fallen off something to the ground? Part of a bridge?


  2. AnnetteM says:

    Is this object/structure in Turkey or somewhere else? If Turkey is it close to your home?


  3. AnnetteM says:

    Is it very high up or very tall?


  4. lizard100 says:

    So it’s an earthquake damaged modern structure.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. lizard100 says:

    My comments have become to stretched out. I think it’s a cracked slab in a pavement which happened because the land has changed in some way. Maybe dried out or even earthquake.


  6. AnnetteM says:

    Did you build the wall bit before adding the concrete at a later time? In fact was it something you built even? You said the concrete was to cover something, but what I wonder…..?


  7. AnnetteM says:

    Did you try to build a bridge over a stream that collapsed when you drove over it?

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  8. AnnetteM says:

    Is the image the correct way up?


  9. lizard100 says:

    Is it the top of something? The strip is very narrow so what ever is above and below must be a massive clue. So it’s a roof maybe or a platform above something.


  10. Kasih says:

    Concrete Pathway? 🙂


  11. AnnetteM says:

    Could that be a drainage channel in the middle?


  12. The concrete surrounds of a drainage gullie.


  13. AnnetteM says:

    Part of a skateboard park, BMX track or something similar?


  14. dayphoto says:

    Heck! You can be my guest post anytime. What day would you like to write….Anything Sunday through Thursday, you pick!



  15. The Rider says:

    The seats of a Roman Amphitheater after an earthquake…


  16. It is where you used to moor your boat!


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