Respect for Your Boss


Saturday 02 August, 2014 by Uncle Spike

I’m no fan of bottom-feeders; those underlings who spend their careers attempting the crawl up the corporate ladder by way of slimily sucking up to the boss. To achieve greatness, you need to put out, work your butt off and find your own way. So to me, the boss is just another colleague, but one that just does a different job than yourself. Nothing more, nothing less.

As far as respect goes, that has to be earned – it’s certainly not a right. Title does attract a certain amount of deference, sure, but respect is an intangible that is payback for ones own moral efforts towards your fellow man (and woman).


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I’ve had the fortune to work alongside (not for, lol) a number of superb managers; who taught me so much about the life-skills required to be successful in business. When I say successful, I mean good at my job, not rich or powerful.

So if you are in a position of power and influence, apart from the sign on your desk and the value of your pay-check, how else can you gauge how well ‘respected’ you are?

Perhaps this short video says it all.

First, look at the extraordinary lengths this CEO’s staff went to, knowing that after he had stepped down, there was little chance of ‘reward’ for their efforts that day. Then look at the sheer joy and admiration on their faces – that cannot be achieved under duress. Finally, and perhaps most telling of all…. look at his ‘office’ at the end of the video – perhaps a few executives could learn a thing or two from Mark Sebba.



This is his story… CEO Gets Epic Retirement Party Fit For A Boss 


9 thoughts on “Respect for Your Boss

  1. susipet says:

    This is one of the reasons I do what I do, to support/inspire/ develop more managers to be more like this for the people they manage! Such a lot of life so many of us spend at work and a bad boss can make that miserable or joyful!

    Thanks for the video!


  2. joannesisco says:

    I really liked that – the boss is just another colleague, but one that just does a different job than yourself. I’ve been lucky to work for bosses who acted that way and hopefully I was one as well.


  3. Incredible! Inspiring!

    If we’d become a CEO/boss in the future, we hope we’d be treated like this by our employees. And two things we vow to do if we ever become the “man and woman up there” is 1) to be very generous with positive reinforcement and 2) to understand, consider, care, and support those so-called “toxic” people.


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