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Saturday 26 July, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Yesteryear look-back’ mini-series #3 has taken us back to 1980’s New England, in America’s north-east. The first was based in and around downtown Boston, Massachusetts, and then it was whale watching and last time a peek at some rather palatial palaces!

For this week I recall some fun times playing with the young and rich, and their love of motorised lake transportation…


You know how it goes, some friend or family member has a friend who has a boat, and somehow or other you get yourself invited along on a weekend jaunt… yeah right, it’s not been a regular feature of my life I must say, but it did happen once or twice.

But one should bear in mind, I was a bit of a scruff back then, a nomadic adolescent touring the world in search of something I could never quite put my finger on, so for me, this set of the quasi-elite in their 20’s was a fascinating look at this American sub-culture..


New England0004_blog


So there I was, hobnobbing with some of New England’s rich and successful ’80s yuppies (“young upwardly-mobile professionals”). Each had their own (or Daddy’s) boat, each large enough to cross the open sea or appear as the bad-guys boat in some Bond movie, and each with a small entourage of ‘hangers oners’ – of which I was one for a short while, by invitation no less.


New England0003_blog


Having a family connection by way of a cousin’s boyfriend, AND having travelled abroad, AND having a quaint English accent, I was accepted within the fold, and allowed out to play. Nice toys these guys and gals had too!!

This sleek monster was powered by TWO 350hp Chevrolet engines and was rather nippy across those big lakes when the gas was applied.


New England0010_blog


Then there was the obligatory communal session, where all and sundry could show off their water volleyball skills, mention any upgrades to their boats, oh and show off any new members of their following. I was not in that sub-category by the way, I was talking about those much taller than me, who wore longer hair than I, and of the blonde variety.  


New England0009_blog


Certainly a different world from anything that has been my experience before then, or in the 25+ years since. It was fun, but hitching a ride in my cut-off jeans while lugging a large grubby backpack was soon to follow – back to my world 🙂  


New England0012_blog


P.S.:  As with all these ‘blast from the past’ series, please note, and excuse, the quality of the images. All are scans of low quality 6″x4″ (15x10cm) prints that were stored away in an attic for a long time.


12 thoughts on “New England USA ~ Rich Boy Lifestyle

  1. LadyPinkRose says:

    *sighs* These images are a sight for sore eyes. Buried in snow and frigid temps here, I DREAM of warmth. Thanks, Uncle Spike for the delight! (((HUGS))) Amy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] then a day of whale watching, some residential palatial palaces, and then a weekend seeing how rich boys played, followed by a few shots of the beautiful rivers and lakes from that part of the […]


  3. […] Massachusetts, and then whale watching, a look at some palatial palaces, and then seeing how rich boys played, these are a few shots of rivers and lakes that reminds me how beautiful that part of the states […]


  4. photo of the boat (second from the top) looks like a Pixar movie could be made about it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. itjustinme says:

    I wish I’m a rich girl…lol…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. dayphoto says:

    A world I have only read about! The ” search of something I could never quite put my finger on” statement sure rings a bell. Did you find the something?


    Liked by 1 person

  7. fredrieka says:

    woof ! Snootie snoot snoot!

    Liked by 1 person

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