Yellow Snow


Saturday 19 July, 2014 by Uncle Spike

I guess most folk know that old adage,
“Don’t eat yellow snow!”

Well that has just been given a whole new meaning around these parts!

One of our junior hens had her first go at mummyhood, but decided to do the deed in mid-summer, so she was sitting when it was very hot indeed. As expected, most eggs overheated or the shells were perhaps too tough to let the chicks out. Then she squashed 1 or 2 at night.

Sad as it may be; it’s the usual tale of mother nature and her selection of the fittest, but in the end, mummy hen did end up with 1 healthy chooklet…




As always, it’s up to Cousin Spike Jnr to name the new member of Clan Spike. His choice. Well, we already have Snow (err, yep, she’s a white hen), and so he decided to name this little ball of yellow fluff none other than:


Yellow Snow


I tried to explain the word associated connotation, but nope, Yellow Snow it is.


Well that’s different 😀




25 thoughts on “Yellow Snow

  1. […] high anyway. Needless to say, she only hatched 2 out of 13 eggs, then trod on one, and the other (Yellow Snow was its name) was gone within […]


  2. joannesisco says:

    Ahhhh – so cute 🙂


  3. FLYNN says:

    Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:
    Ah! Welcome little Yellow Snow!


  4. Mei-Mei says:

    Hehe definitely different! A friend’s mom let her name their cats when she was little…one is named “Doorknob.” lol


  5. ROTFL 🙂 … I guess Amber was too genderized 🙂


  6. fredrieka says:

    lol I make great snow cones with pee mail


  7. Dragnfli says:

    Just call him/her Little Yellow. And please don’t eat it. 😉


  8. This baby chick is adorable and the name a perfect fit. Best to the baby chick and your family.


  9. dayphoto says:

    I think he picked a good one! Hopefully the little yellow chick will be white in maturity so the name will stick forever.



  10. It’s a great name for the little clucker. 😀


  11. Ninna says:

    Well! Neither way! Don’t eat yellow snow! 🙂


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