New Year: New Stuff


Tuesday 08 July, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Following on from the One Year Anniversary series, I have been delighted with the emails and comments/suggestions as to where we go from here. Mostly it has confirmed that the areas I wanted to develop are in synch with my followers, always a good idea I guess 🙂

And so, without further ado, I have introduced a few new categories that you’ll gradually see introduced over the coming weeks. For now, here’s a little intro:-

Chef Spike

I love my food, and from that has come my love of cooking. Well, when I say cooking, I mean entertaining myself in the kitchen without the aid of a recipe book. Apart from using a recipe during school cookery class back in the late 70s, I have never used them. After all, why follow someone else’s idea of culinary creation, when all they did is experiment and then write it down. By the way, I’ve never written anything down in my life when I cook, so this’ll be a challenge. Not sure how it’ll work, but one day you might see some amateur recipes from the Spike Kitchen…


Tunes I Love

Mzpevy taste in music is about as varied as the rest of my life story, so I wanted to share some of my favourites; those special pieces that have been my guiding light over the years. You have been warned though; this journey includes Mozart to Motorhead, The Bangles to Bon Jovi and maybe even The Smurfs to The Smiths…


Granny Spike

old-32551_640I place all blame associated with my nutty view on life squarely at the wrinkled toes of my octogenarian mother. She lives alone back in England; that is, when she is not gallivanting around the planet. Known for her pilates, serious hill walking, a raucous laugh, being the same weight now as when she first married, the ability to place her hands flat on the floor (!) and a lifetime of achievements that make me appear dull as dishwater. By popular request, we have two categories that may pop up from time to time:

Granny Wisdom  – nuggets of wisdom from the generation who kicked butt.

Granny Travels – photos from the travels of an octogenarian on the loose.


15 thoughts on “New Year: New Stuff

  1. penguins cook? I thought you were a camel. 🙂


  2. I like your old travel stories and pictures so it would be good to see some more of those. I have been doing the same but am running out of photo albums and interesting travel!


  3. dayphoto says:

    Your Mom sounds cool. I can still put my hands flat on the floor also. But I weight more than the 93 pounds I weighted when I got married. I guess I must do something about that!



  4. Dragnfli says:

    Sounds like more fun on the way!
    As far as recipes go, please write them down so your kids can cook them when you’re gone. My Granmy was that kind of cook and I really wish I had her recipes for a few things.


  5. joannesisco says:

    I’m looking forward to all of it!!

    Long live feisty octogenarians!!!


  6. ballerina95 says:

    looking forward to Granny Wisdom and Travels.


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