Grand Budapest Hotel


Saturday 05 July, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Today, Aunty Spike and I watched this truly epic, bizarre and wonderful piece of cinematography.
What an absolute delight…



Have you seen it per chance?
If one is seeking a brilliantly entertaining, thoroughly engaging, whilst all together surreal movie to be enthralled by, do try it.
Weird, strange, funny it certainly is; but marvellously written, directed and acted – you will unlikely be disappointed !







29 thoughts on “Grand Budapest Hotel

  1. joannesisco says:

    It looks like my kind of movie!! Must find it and watch it 🙂


  2. Shannon says:

    I recently saw The Life Aquatic for the first time. It reassured me of Wes Anderson’s brilliance. I’m looking forward to seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel.


  3. atureaud says:

    Oh I agree with you Uncle Spike!
    This movie was one of my faves this year, absolutely entertaining! Great
    actor, Ralph Fiennes never disappoints.


  4. rododovris says:

    I saw the movie one month ago and is one of my best movies ever,I love it instantly!Great casting,beutiful old-time atmosphere,amazing sense of humor,nice,nice,nice!!!!
    Highly recommended !


  5. suej says:

    Certainly looks bizarre!


  6. Kan says:

    Loved this movie. As a traveler, I loved the depiction of concierges. Very interesting.


  7. Just saw it on a flight to Tokyo – Loved it!


  8. lizard100 says:

    I watched this recently on a flight. It was brilliant. I really liked the way the director put ever scene square in the middle of the frame. NormAlly film and photos use rule of thirds so it was really crazy. Many frames were even symmetrical. Then it was cleverly scripted quirky and well cast.


  9. ellierayne says:

    I like it!


  10. Ninna says:

    Well! Seems very worth while watching. XD


  11. AmyRose says:

    Oh, this looks SO good! I must watch this film!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  12. KG says:

    I was checking this today in google play and liked the trailer. Would be watching it next week.


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