1 Year ~ Looking Forwards


Saturday 28 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

It’s been a great inaugural year.
But just where should I take Uncle Spike’s Adventures next?




I guess you could say the blog has already met all the objectives I reckoned on at the outset. The blog is varied, multi-polar you could say, but with a common theme of gardening, farming, photography being the most common elements – and that’s what I wanted all along; a mixed bag that reflects who I am these days.


Happy where we’re at. With almost 1500 followers, 170000 page views and several thousand comments the ‘community’ aspect is better than I’d ever hoped for to be honest.


This is very much becoming a hobby for me. I’m not particularly gifted, know almost nothing about the technical subject and don’t have a digital SLR or any fancy equipment. But… I do enjoy recording events and things in my life as/when they happen, and based on your feedback, the sharing of these images is the mainstay of my blog. Happy to oblige then 🙂




Yesteryear travels…

That big old box of travel photos from days gone by is starting to be looked at, dust blown off the cheap and cheerful old prints, scanned and posts considered. It’s a slow, time consuming, but rewarding task, so I won’t rush; I’ll savour the process and bring you two or three posts a month. I love the feedback these posts create; often stirring up forgotten times for you guys, as well as for me!


Guest blogger spots and the Guess What series were both successful, but as these both involve folk other than myself, I will bring these features back to the fore as/when the material and co-conspirators pop along. If you’re a follower, aka a ‘Spikey’, and would like to discuss a spot of guest bloggerizing, drop me a line at uncle.spikes.adventures1@gmail.com 




Granny Spike

That’s my ‘mom’ if you hadn’t worked that out. She’s a UK-based octogenarian travel nut who is still out there on her own-some, touring different parts of the planet as much as she can. China, east Africa, ‘down under’, Syria, eastern Turkey, Italy, Norway, South Pacific islands… how does that sound? Whilst I can’t write and share the stories of said travels, I do plan on introducing a Granny Spike photo-tour feature later on. She’s a better photographer than I, by far; I think you’ll enjoy it too.


Now there’s a brave, naive or stoopid thing to consider as a blogger, eh? Well yes and no. If you have any suggestions, or even ‘special requests’, I’d like to hear them. As always, I can be reached at uncle.spikes.adventures1@gmail.com – I can’t promise to oblige if you want me to learn and blog about fine-needle crochet or Japanese calligraphy, but Uncle Spike is often known to be up for a challenge, as they say.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

In closing this final of the One Year anniversary series, may I again thank you for joining me on this ride; thank you for your support, critique, input and friendship.



15 thoughts on “1 Year ~ Looking Forwards

  1. Congrats! That’s mind boggling, Uncle S. Got any good Turkisk travel tales to tell?


  2. ballerina95 says:

    whatever you dish out Spike


  3. AnnetteM says:

    How about some recipes for some of your lovely healthy food? Apologies if you have already posted……..


  4. joannesisco says:

    I really enjoyed the journey with you in the short time we have been *travelling* together. I’m looking forward to more 🙂


  5. Cathy says:

    Thank you Spike – I’ve only known you a relatively short time but you are very much a part of my daily routine
    Take care


  6. AnnetteM says:

    I would love more photo puzzles please – or any sort of puzzle really. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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