New ABs Installed


Monday 23 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

So there we have it… the 30-Day AB Challenge well and truly finished, licked, sorted, done and dusted.

Has it worked? Do I look and feel different? Well, in answer to these questions, I would have to say YES in all honesty. I feel tighter (and for a change, that’s not regarding my concern for the family budget either). Aunty Spike also remarked that whilst on the beach this past weekend, I was not sporting my usual daddy-tummy, so that’ll do for me.




And so here’s a quick rundown of the past 23 days…

First of all, like all these things, it took a while to get my mind and body into gear, but I guess that is what all the low numbers of the first few days are all about. I ended up changing the order a bit too, more to appease issues with mental stamina rather than any physiological need. But it worked for me.

Leg Raises

Total achieved: 904 reps

These were the most challenging for me I have to admit. I was pleased that I did stick to the double leg-raise, rather than opting for the single or one at a time version, and had to keep my hands under the bum in order to do them, but done they have been. I never managed to do all the reps in one go, opting for a 60/40% split, with a ten second rest in the middle. It worked. I also always did these exercises first; more just to get them out of the way each day – me no like these.


Total achieved: 1,610 reps

Always, always a nightmare for me. I remember them from school days. Hated them back then, and time has not weakened that loathing one iota. Trying initially with the traditional ‘foot-free’ version was a dead loss. Without my feet pinned under something, either the radiator or the bed, the legs would not stay glued to the floor, and I would end up wallowing about like an upturned tortoise. Not a pretty sight. Once the feet were sufficiently anchored, as mentioned or with a 6 year old sat on them (as I did this weekend as we were away in a hotel), then whilst difficult, it was achievable 🙂 I also always preferred the arms outstretched behind me, then bring them over the top as the sit-up was achieved method.


bat_puppy_and_wonder_pup_by_jose_ramiro-d645u8s - Copy


Total achieved: 2,115 reps

Bizarrely, these were my favourite. During the first week, these made my abs really burn. Now I presume it was them. I could not see anything to observe, but by jingo, they didn’t half warm up after the first 4 reps, lol. By this last week, I was swapping 25%-30% of the normal crunches for ‘cross-crunches’, whereby the left elbow met the opposing right knee, and vice-versa. I never took a break during these, and once I got my breathing worked out, it helped from dropping into a state of semi-unconsciousness and as a result, made it bearable at least.

The Plank

Total achieved: 1,397 seconds (23:28 minutes)

Whose idea was this anyway? It’s quite a simple, but highly challenging beastie to master I found. The only ‘trick’ as such was distraction. I used to read a page of my book, “1001 Ridiculous Ways To Die”. It seemed an apt title. But it would seem that I did not qualify for the next issue through this challenge. 


A_fat_wolf_by_emlisttar - Copy


Rest Days

Didn’t bother with them at all, so ended up completing the 30-day challenge in 23 days. I never got to realise the delight of a ‘rest day’; but that was more to do with ‘fear’… that is my self-confessed ‘fear’ of being unable or insufficiently motivated to restart after a day off 🙂

What’s next?

Ramadan is what’s next, and there is no way I can or could continue to do these whilst fasting, especially in this heat. I cannot do them in the morning, as ‘morning’ means before suhoor (breakfast) which is at just after 03:00am. I also could not do them before iftar (din-dins), as that is time for preparing the meal after 2 hours watering in the gardens and for the veggies. I’m already a tad parched by then, so exercises are inadvisable right then. I’m gonna try a few (maybe 100-150 reps in total) around midnight, so after my food has gone down’ and before my 3 hour nap. Yes, I could just do nuffink, but it’s so easy to put on weight whilst fasting anyway (eat/sleep proximity), and it would be a shame to lose some or all the gains from these 6,026 exercises!


22 thoughts on “New ABs Installed

  1. […] ab challenge last June, and the adoption of a morning regime of 550-750 exercises for a few months, combined […]


  2. Yikes, I’ve seen this referred to all over the internet but never had the guts to try it! (I’m too scared of failing at things so sometimes I have a tendency to not even try . . . very bad indeed). My boyfriend’s always banging on about the health benefits of doing this sort of exercise ever morning but I’ve managed to put it off constantly. However this has genuinely inspired me to give it a go. You’ve succeeded where he has failed (I’m not sure whether he’ll be pleased or annoyed!!)


  3. Cathy says:

    I’d forgotten you were doing this – makes my effort to lose baby belly a bit puny lol
    BTW youngest baby is 46 – been holding on to it for a while!
    Take care


  4. joannesisco says:

    High Fives!! Congrats 🙂


  5. bmagpub says:

    Congratulations on completing the challenge. Happy Ramadan! 🙂


  6. I knew you’d do it. Determined. You might miss it 🙂


  7. ballerina95 says:

    Congratulations Spike. Didn’t think you could do it 😀 Too bad there’s no photo though


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