1 Year ~ My Blogging Journey


Monday 23 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

So where, how and why did all this start…. I get asked that occasionally and never feel able to provide much of an insight. But with this anniversary post, I thought I’d have a go at least! I started off by asking myself some questions, so here goes…


Who’s Idea Was It?

My wife’s actually. She lectures in technology, incl Social Media, so I guess she was the one responsible to pushing this mainframe dinosaur into the modern world 🙂


Why blogging?

I was an avid(ish) Facebook user, posting many photos of the house construction, kiddo as a babe and so on – you know the score. But my status updates were becoming lengthier and sometimes blurred over a bit of a story. It was then that my wife tried (painfully) to explain what ‘blogging’ was all about, and how it seemed more appropriate than to make my regular friends & family suffer on Facebook. At least this way they could ‘opt out’… and most did, lol.

Why Uncle Spike?

I wanted a handle, a name, that encapsulated ‘me’. A not young (hence uncle) guy who had a story to tell of his life’s ‘adventures’. And my nieces used to call me Uncle Spike years ago, due to my beard being a bit ‘spikey’ when it came to cuddles.


Uncle Spike

Why the camel?

Coz that’s me, a grumpy old loner who fasts pretty well, can run if there is money involved, loves travel, the desert and hot climates, and when I ‘pucker up’, girls used to run a mile, or just stand and take photos. Plus I can make a half decent vocal impression of a pissed off camel.

What were the goals?

Simply to have a go and to stop bothering my Facebook friends 🙂 I was also looking for a non-active hobby, as with the farm, it was getting to the point where I would work 15 hours and never sit still. Hence a bum on seat category of hobby was deemed appropriate.

Where does the main image come from?

Zanzibar. That beautiful spice island off the coast of Tanzania, East Africa, where we honeymooned after a long and dusty wild camping overland safari.




30 thoughts on “1 Year ~ My Blogging Journey

  1. LB says:

    Congrats on one year!! I enjoyed your explanation about “why blogging?” … especially the part about your wife painfully explaining blogging 🙂


  2. Congrats! Hoping it’s the first of many…


  3. Congrats Uncle Spike 🙂

    It’s really been fun and at the same time informative following your adventures.

    Many a flowers and plants, I have seen for the first time here and your posts gave a pretty nice intro. to the rural life in Turkey.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and have a great time 🙂


  4. Imelda says:

    Congratulations and all the best.


  5. I’ve learnt so much from your blog, I just love it.


  6. eschudel says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love reading about your adventures!!


  7. Cee Neuner says:

    Cool information and I adore having you in my blogosphere! 🙂


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Thanks Cee… In the spirit of reciprocating niceties, I hold you and a couple of others as masters of photography around these parts. I have learned many a thing (l hope) from following your work too 🙂


  8. atureaud says:

    We must give our gratitude to your wife for encouraging you to put your blogging skills to the test! great support! I adore the photo of the camel,
    and knowing the story behind it, gives
    an even better perspective .
    Happy Anniversary , so enjoy your blogs!


  9. Ruth says:

    Happy first anniversary to Uncle Spike’s Adventures – wishing you many more 🙂


  10. AmyRose says:

    ConGRATS, Uncle Spikey! Way to go! High 5! Love, Amy


  11. Dragnfli says:

    I too got into blogging because what I had to say was too long for Facebook. I have enjoyed the community here on WordPress and really enjoy the weekly photo challenge.


  12. Ed says:

    Congrats, I really ejoy reading your blog..:-)


  13. joannesisco says:

    Great story! It’s funny but I also ventured into blogging because Facebook wasn’t doing it for me.
    Love your blog, Uncle Spike. You have great stories and pictures to share. Hope you keep doing it for a long time 🙂


  14. rododovris says:

    Ι wish you many many years ahead !!!!


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