Hawaiian Adventures ~ Volcano


Sunday 22 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Sunday post time…. and that means a few more photographs dusted off and scanned from my days in Hawaii during the late 80’s….

First off was my looking around downtown, in and around Waikiki and Honolulu, and then as a second part, I headed inland, followed by the third being a selection of coastal/beach, and the last one at the Maui Tropical Plantation. In this post I found some images that reminded me of a few trips to some of the volcano’s.

Parting with a small handful of $5 bills back then would buy you a return trip from Honolulu for a day. I did 2 or 3 such trips. I’m ashamed to say I don’t recall the exact locations or many details, it was a few lifetimes ago, but what I have is shared here…

Hope you enjoy these shots 🙂




This was Mt. Haleakalā, or the East Maui Volcano, which rises to 10,023 ft (3,055 m).

I remember this being an awful long way up
(in an old bus – not on foot I hasten to add).




And this strange plant I believe is only to be found on the island of Maui




Looking down into the crater!




Nearby views as we descended…




P.S.:  As with all these ‘blast from the past’ series, please note, and excuse, the quality of the images. All are scans of low quality 6″x4″ (15x10cm) prints that were stored away in an attic for a long time.


4 thoughts on “Hawaiian Adventures ~ Volcano

  1. As always, amazing shots! We hope to climb this volcano someday.

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  2. LadyPinkRose says:

    Very cool, Uncle Spike! Hawaii is one place I DREAM of going to! Hope you are having a great day! Love, Amy

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  3. GrahamInHats says:

    With apologies for the intrusion, but I thought, since you were kind enough to leave a Like/Comment on a relevant post, that you might like an opportunity to vote on the issues raised by recent WordPress changes. There is an overall objective and Voting starts here.



  4. […] a selection of coastal/beach, and then the Maui Tropical Plantation. Last week was all about Volcanoes, and so now we come to an end of my look at the Hawaiian islands with some images of the wonderful […]


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