Counting Without Brain In Gear


Friday 13 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Without my optional ‘rest days’, the days are flying (slowly and painfully) by as the “30 Day Ab Challenge” continues. To be blunt, whoever designed this plan was a genius, as well as a torture freak. The numbers are getting a bit silly now, to be honest, BUT, I’m keeping with it still, so that’s a good thing, right?

Every day the reps increase; not by much, but increasing they are. So far, that’s 2000 exercises in 13 days, which is around 2000 more than I have done in the past 13 years! I shall either shrivel up and die of exhaustion, or be able to strut my 6-pack with pride – watch this space for that one, but don’t hold your breath either way 🙂

Looking at today, that’s Day 17 on the plan, my ‘only just awake’ brain managed to focus on my first task, which had a rather nasty number 75 staring back at me through the 06:00am haze. Ok, fine, whatever….




And 75 I did, with a 5 second mid-way rest for a spot of oxygen intake.

It was so difficult this morning for some reason. Had I eaten a large pizza last night? No. Had I had just 2 hours sleep? No, 5-6 probably, plenty for me. So….?

Ah yes. Reading glasses. That all important life-saver for the middle aged – err, downstairs in the office, oops 🙂




Like most participants, I changed the order of exercises to suit. I start with Leg Raises, then move to the dreaded Sit-Up’s, followed by the Crunch and finally the Plank. At the end of all those I add a 30 second sleep, and then it’s time to feed the dog, chickens, kid and perhaps me.

Did I mention the glasses being downstairs? What a Muppet. That start figure of 75 was for Sit-Up’s, not flippin’ Leg Raises…. no wonder it bloody hurt!!  Of course, a jump from 42 Leg Raises to 75 Leg Raises will hurt.

Lesson of the day….

(1) Wake up first

(2) Engage brain

(3) Find glasses

(4) Use them

(5) Exercise….

Older perhaps, but not always wiser!


12 thoughts on “Counting Without Brain In Gear

  1. joannesisco says:

    The numbers are still boggling my mind. Good on you 🙂


  2. ballerina95 says:

    some people are just a glutton for pain.


  3. Anonymous says:

    You noggin!


  4. suej says:

    And, most important, listen to your body! Don’t overdo it! 75 sit-ups sounds drastic…. And the odd rest day wouldn’t be a bad idea, or you’ll burn yourself out! I don’t want to lose a fellow blogger like you….


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