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Wednesday 04 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike



Our resident small person, Cousin Spike Jnr is a nerd.

It’s a commonly known fact, and one that he seems aptly proud of. He says he wants to be Sheldon when he grows up. Bless…

Like all kids, there are things he hates, and things he loves.

And he LOVES mathematics.

The other day, whilst waiting for his mum at uni (Sunday exams), I suggested we used her whiteboard for some sums (sad, but I know my kid). He jumped with joy at these mini conundrums:




And so last night, rather than read before bed, he begged me to do a math test. While did had his wash and brushed his teeth, I knocked up this quick test.

He floored it. Again.



Still not yet 6½, and in his first grade at school, he is sooooo desperate for school math lessons to ‘catch up’. As I have said before, I dread the day he starts calculus and leaves his poor old dad scratching his head.


41 thoughts on “Sumz @ Six

  1. hello uncle spike its dennis the vizsla dog hay as the faymus sientist barbie wunse sed math is hard!!! ha ha ok bye


  2. My Mum used to do stuff like this with us, don’t ever stop, Mum just started buying books with the answers in the back lol.


  3. Shannon says:

    I never liked math but WOW! those are some amazing computation skills for a 6 1/2 year old.


  4. newbloggycat says:

    Turkey’s got talent 😉


  5. Mei-Mei says:

    Wow! I hope he keeps that drive and love of learning…it’s a beautiful thing 🙂


  6. Yay!!! Nerds rule the world… My own “Sheldon” just graduated from high school.. and bless his heart… virtual high fives… you have much to be proud of!


  7. joannesisco says:

    6-1/2??? That’s awesome!


  8. SPFischer says:

    Okay, I’m suitably impressed! Future engineer perhaps?? Keep him going, Uncle Spike 🙂


  9. NikiMarie says:

    I love how much he gets excited about doing math! I hope for him that that never changes. 🙂


  10. fractalgal says:

    Order of operations at age 6? Very cool…keep the love alive. 😉


    • Uncle Spike says:

      He loves ‘logic’ and is never phased by it. I keep adding new things and he asks for yet more… weird kid 🙂 I had him doing negative/positive numbers aged 4 and he lapped that up within 15 minutes (e.g. “15-22=?” or “4-6=?”) – then he went to kindergarten the next day and asked his teacher when they would start that… lol


  11. dayphoto says:

    My grandson, Bladen, is the same way. He is in the 7th grade doing Sophomore work. Unless your school system is different…the challenges for grow will come from you…most school seem to dumb down for the rest of the population leaving the bright children to sit in class bored.



  12. be warned … you’ve got a polymath on your hands 🙂


  13. Brilliant stuff. I love to hear of kids that are nerds. Does he hate football as well, like my son, or is he into sports, too? (Just checking whether there are any nerds out there who break the stereotype!).


  14. lizziewiggle says:

    Wow, smart kid! I liked maths when I started school but it got knocked out of me. I’m only just rediscovering the joys 🙂


  15. Colleen says:

    So beautiful it just shows how we are all so unique in this world. My daughter showed a love of singing and drawing, Most important chn follow there heart…


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