Regime Time


Tuesday 03 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Looks like I’ve got a couple of strict months ahead. First of all I am taking part in the “30 Day Ab Challenge”, and that is immediately followed by Ramadan – eek!  Me thinks I should have sussed out my timing a little better; but hey ho, nothing like a little challenge to get body and soul in order 😀




Just completed Day 03 of the Ab Challenge – oh boy, it’s harder than I reckoned, but survived so far… With Ramadan starting on Day 28, I just realised I have to drop THREE days somehow (ouch). Maybe I will drop 2 of the rest days, and just jiggle the numbers up a bit to ensure I complete the full list.

Any recommendations from any fitness lunatics out there??




I then have to prepare for Ramadan. First of all there is the farm and garden, so all the flower beds and veggie areas have to be dug over and water pools created around everything so I can water with relative ease. It’ll still take me 1-2 hours a day to do the watering, but when it’s over 100F (37C) and you’ve had no water/food for 17 hours, the last thing you want to do is start digging around the Aubergine’s 🙂

The orchards will take care of themselves, that is, once I get the 5000 metres of drip/water pipes laid, artesian pump cleaned/serviced and tested so I can water the trees with minimal physical effort. Apart from that, the land can be left to it’s own devices for the month of July.



I will also do my own prep for Ramadan – but that’s another post altogether 🙂

Best get on with it then…..


17 thoughts on “Regime Time

  1. […] all started by accident back in June, with an Ab-challenge that a friend of mine was doing back in the UK with some chums from the office I worked in back in […]


  2. joannesisco says:

    High degree of difficulty on this one, you get top marks from me for just starting such a kickass personal challenge!


  3. Good luck. I’ve been doing a yoga plan and I was finding it hard to motivate myself five days in so I went for a taster of Bikram intense yoga for 90 minutes, oh my! Intense yoga in heat! This workout looks tough, trying for a six pack Uncle S?


  4. ballerina95 says:

    you won’t get any tips from me. I’m not a fan of exercising 🙂 I do ok with stretches. Stretching the body, the legs and the arms. Sit-ups and crunches are boring.


  5. 125 sit ups and 200 crunches on Day 30?! That’s gonna hurt.


  6. FLYNN says:

    Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:
    Not a fitness guru here, but lose the/any belly fat with proper diet and exercise or else we can’t see the muscular ab “cuts”. Don’t forget to rehydrate frequently with fluid/liquid/water, too. Good luck and praise your efforts if you succeed.


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