Photographing Fish, hmm…


Tuesday 03 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

I snapped a couple of shots of some fish I spotted in a nearby river the other day. Didn’t turn out all that bad, but think I suffered from a lack of knowledge of how to avoid the surface reflection.

Any hints guys?








18 thoughts on “Photographing Fish, hmm…

  1. Make them orange they’re prettier orange 🙂


  2. underwater camera? 🙂

    for post processing, take it into photoshop and increase the levels by moving the middle (midtone) indicator to the left until you see a darker image. Select OK when you are satisfied with the preview.


  3. fredrieka says:

    that is the tough part, lighting is everything, I did fine on a cloudy day


  4. quietcalliope says:

    Hmmm… if you can’t get a polarising filter, how about just trying to hold your sunglasses lens in front of the camera lens while you take the shot – you want to be able to see through into the water, not have the surface light reflected back at the lens… 🙂


  5. bmagpub says:

    Can you get a CPL (Circular Polarising) Filter for your lens?


      • Gill McGrath says:

        Hadn’t thought of that!
        I know there are technical ways round the problem, but Ii don’t do tech very well so can’t help except to say perhaps if you can stand somewhere else(hopefully fish will still be there) out of the sun and tip your camera one way or the other so that the light you see darkens (where ever you are, even if you stay in the sun) it reduce the glare back. Otherwise its all about lenses and shades and filters.. I tip and it works more often than not.but Turkish sun may be a bit more of a problem than the little ol’ sun here. The sun/ cloud pics I take get tamed by me like that though. So a good tip of the camera (,works like a shade anyway) has to work or I abandon. I have a small screen on my camera so I don’t look direct at the sun by the way, so I see what is happening before committing. Sorry to go on!.


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