Hawaiian Adventures ~ Beaches


Sunday 01 June, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Time once again to jump back in time to my days in Hawaii in the late 80’s….

In the first of this series, I was doing walkies around downtown, in and around Waikiki and Honolulu, and in the second, I headed inland to see some of the lesser known sights.. In this episode, guess what…? Well the title gives it away somewhat – beaches 🙂

Famed for it’s beaches, the Hawaiian islands do have some pretty cool ones I have to admit – and here are a selection of a few that I stumbled across. 


Not much of a ‘beach’ I know, but I loved the waterfront in this photo, taken somewhere around Kanaha, near to the capital of the island of Maui, Kahului. I managed to spend a few days over there after snagging a cheap last minute flight from Oahu.



Back on Oahu, I ventured over to North Shore a few times. Mostly to watch the six-packed surfer dudes tackle the mighty waves near Pipeline, and of course the ever-present army of female admirers. Unfortunately the sight of some scrawny Brit did not deter them from their viewing perches.

But that was on later visits. My first time out that way, I thought “Hey, I can do this – why not?” And so I spent a whole afternoon wrestling with a boogie-board… no chance I was gonna tackle a proper surfboard thingy, so I thought that would be the ‘easy’ option… Four hours later, I had ‘ridden’ perhaps SEVEN seconds of one mediocre wavelet, and amassed more bruises than I would have it I had taken a tumble from riding pillion on a motorbike through a disused quarry whilst playing a banjo in the rain.

I was sooooo sore for days – much to the absolute hilarity of my my co-workers 😀

Needless to say, my surfing days had come, and gone, in just a few painful hours. A surfer dude I was not, never have been, and to be honest the term ‘silver surfer’ is a more apt label that may well be slapped on my forehead in the not too dim and distant future. 



One weekday off, I hired a small bright yellow moped that nobody else wanted; hence it was only 10 bucks I guess (and no, I don’t have a photo – no way I was gonna take a photo of that). I managed to get out and about along the coastal roads of Oahu, anding up with these shots, amongst others, on my way back to town.





And finally, the same old (yawn), evening view I would get as I walked along the beach at Waikiki on the way to work at the bar. Backpacking at it’s worst 🙂



P.S.:  As with all these ‘yesteryear’ posts, please note, and excuse, the quality of the images. All are scans of cheapo 6″x4″ (15x10cm) prints that were stored away for more years than I care to remember 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hawaiian Adventures ~ Beaches

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  3. joannesisco says:

    ahhh – the memoirs of a wannabe beach bum 🙂
    Those were the days when we were young and anything was possible!


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