Colour Of The Day: Red


Tuesday 20 May, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Colours (or even colors) add a beautiful dimension to our existence I think. My sight is precious to me, and I hope I will always have reasonable sight, just so I can treasure the abundance of natural colours that brighten my every day.

Today’s theme for my look at colours is RED.

Of course, how can I have anything else as a starter here, than a beautiful red rose from our gardens.




And then up next, we have the Pomegranate bushes that are full of their bright red flowers from late April to mid June.




We have beetroot, loads of it too. One of my jobs tomorrow is to preserve some 7kg (16 lb) of the beauties. Soooo tasty when eaten the same day they are picked too 🙂




And last but not least, the wild poppies are still around, at least for another week or so as the temperatures start to hover around 30 (86F).




That’s my look at red. Bit different, eh?


17 thoughts on “Colour Of The Day: Red

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  2. akeem54 says:

    No doubt, red is an outstanding colour any day


  3. Nel says:

    I absolutely love red. These days, I’ve been gravitating mostly towards the varying shades of red lipstick. Go figure!


  4. sf says:

    Those beets look great! I’m trying to grow poppies inside my home for the first time. Hope they grow. They’ve poked outta the soil already (after 4 days), so I’m excited and hopin’ they grow full someday, just like in your pic. :oD


  5. rododovris says:

    Oh!I love this tree,I have two in my backyard and my name means exactly the pomegranate fruit (Rodo-Rodi and Rodia=the tree)!!!!!


  6. dayphoto says:

    OUTSTANDING! I love them all…the rose is my favorite.



  7. Nancy says:

    Fabulous variations of RED! My favorite color! And pomegranates have a lovely blossom, who knew! Well, you did…ha ha ha 😀


  8. joannesisco says:

    Each picture was a perfect selection but that was the first time I’ve ever seen a pomegranite bush. What a lovely flower!


  9. suej says:

    Great reds, dig those poppies…I managed to take images of one or two in Turkey, but I must have been in the wrong place, they weren’t that abundant…


  10. I’d love to see your garden. It looks like you have a real variety but my favourite is probably the beetroot. I just love roasted beetroot.


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